There is a new kid (language) on the block called Nemerle . It is an interesting hybrid language and at first impression, it looks like a mix of Perl and C#. It has some interesting things such as the when loop instead of the if loop as well as dynamic typing which makes it an … Continue reading Nemerle

Let Java Go!

Eric S Raymond, affectionately called ESR, has called on Sun Microsystems to let Java go and make it open source just like they did for NFS which went on to become very popular. This article has created a lot of controversy in the open source community. The truth is that Sun Microsystems has done a … Continue reading Let Java Go!

Red Park

So finally exams are over! I saw Varsham yesterday in Pallavi theatre. It was a streeeeeetched movie. These guys are so talented that they copied two scenes from Matrix and were able to convert it into a 3 hour movie! But some of the songs and jokes were good. Overall? Just time pass, yaar. But … Continue reading Red Park