More bytes of Python!

Due to a post on, there have been a lot more visitors for A Byte of Python! There has been about 4440 page views on Monday (29th March 2004) alone! There was also more than 2000 downloads of the book as well. The Urchin analysis software on my website says that the majority of […]


I am now a Yahoo! guy!!! The final round of interviews took place yesterday. They asked lot of techie stuff and some very interesting questions. I had 4 interviews one after the other and then Jayanthi (the nice lady from HR) immediately came and told me "You’re through. When can you start?" I was dazed […]

3D Desktop!

Wow! That’s all I could say when I saw the screenshots of Project Looking Glass. This is a 3D Desktop system from Sun Microsystems and it looks very promising indeed! One of the screenshots shows Mozilla – when it is ‘flipped around’ in 3D, it shows the options tab. It is amazing how computers and […]


The Simputer is a brilliant concept from the professors at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. It is a low cost alternative to PCs – a small handheld computing device which runs on Linux designed to help IT reach the common man. It costs just around Rs. 9000 and it allows you to to play mp3s […]

Team India Shining

After a stupendous 5th One Day International cricket match between India and Pakistan, Vajpayee takes political advantage of it by making ads about it! But, still, that was a match to remember for a long long time. Sachin’s catch was the turning point of the match! has a comprehensive coverage of the tour at […]

IronPython again

IronPython is to .Net/Mono what Jython is to Java. That’s the simple way of saying things. The reality is that IronPython is a remarkable software and if it is good, then it is due to the talent of it’s creator Jim Hugunin. Jim Hugunin has presented a paper on IronPython at PyCon 2004. The benchmarks […]

Managing The Future Of Open Source Software

There is an open discussion going on about the future of open source software. It all started when Havoc Pennington started a discussion on Java, Mono or C++ – Thoughts on the future of open source desktop development. This was followed by replies from Lupus and by Miguel de Icaza and further discussion from Havoc […]

Coffee-drinking snakes: Java and Python

Introduction Java and Python are very different languages – yet, it is amazing to note the constant comparisons made between the two languages contrasted with the synergy between the two languages in the form of Jython. Comparing Python and Java Every Python programmer knows that he/she can achieve a lot more in a lot less […]

Editing Away

A text editor is one of the most important tools in the kit of every programmer. It is the starting point for us when we intend to write programs or anything else. It is therefore important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our editor as well as being able to utilise the editor to […]