I am now a Yahoo! guy!!! The final round of interviews took place yesterday. They asked lot of techie stuff and some very interesting questions. I had 4 interviews one after the other and then Jayanthi (the nice lady from HR) immediately came and told me "You’re through. When can you start?" I was dazed for a moment but then I recovered. So, here I am today making my first blog entry from the Yahoo office. I am right now working as an intern for a 4-month project.

What could be better? Well, Yashwanth is here as well. We’ve had so much fun together in our projects and college, and I am looking forward to more cool things at Yahoo with him. I had a neat dialogue for him as well – "We worked in our first ‘company’ together and now we are working in Yahoo company together as well!"

4 thoughts on “Yahooooo!

  1. URRRRSO……..what else can u do other than all the tech stuff……anyway…. u deserved them…..or yahoo just got lucky to have u…..will meet u there soon….

  2. Congrats man…I’m still in 3rd year and I would love to do something like this next year. So far now, I have to stay content with turning green at your internship. Seriously though, going by your work, you more than deserved this. Tell those Yahoo guys to chuck out everything but the search box on their home page :)

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