More Mono Talk

Edd Dumbill (of fame) asks the question Will Mono Become the Preferred Platform for Linux Development?. He goes on to talk about the state of Mono, about MonoDevelop along with some cool screenshots, as well as what’s in store for the future.

Java Generics

Bruce Eckel has written a very insightful entry in his blog on Java Generics. It is interesting to note that Java Generics (as proposed) doesn’t significantly add anything that an interface would achieve. I also agree with the part that "it seemed to take C# rather that the loyal Java users to stimulate the SunContinue reading “Java Generics”

Global Village

My book has been receiving tremendous response. It’s amazing! I have been getting "well done" messages combined with suggestions and corrections from so many people. These helpful readers are from UK, USA, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, ….! It’s a truly global village out there. The downside was that my website was down yesterday, but myContinue reading “Global Village”

Halloween X

The Halloween 10 document is pretty scary. It’s amazing that Microsoft could stoop to such levels to destroy it’s competition. We all know that this attempt is pretty futile and SCO will get laughed out of court, but this is just so appalling.