DotGNU Portable .NET 0.6.6 has been released! I’m really curious as to whether DotGNU or Mono is more mature/better/usable?? If you have any experiences with both, please feel free to add your comments.

Shocker duplicate

There’s another blog with the same name as ‘Dynamically Typed’ :-( This is not fair. I had originally thought of this name. I repeat, I chose this name originally and independently!! It is supposed to be a pun that it is really dynamically typed and also programmers will understand statically typed vs dynamically typed languages….

Fedora Core 2 arrives!

Fedora Core 2 has been released! I can’t wait to get my hands on it – Kernel 2.6, KDE 3.2.2, GNOME 2.6, GIMP 2.0, k3b, ALSA, GCC 3.4 and much much more. Some cool screenshots and it is already a superhit! If you have already got your hands on a copy, please do tell me.

Network security is cool

Here’s an excerpt from ‘The Prometheus Deception’ by Robert Ludlum: "Inside the cargo bay of the green forest-service truck, Elena quickly assembled her tools. Her laptop was now connected to the optical repeater by means of a twenty-foot cable that ran undetectably under the truck, concealed by dirt and leaves, and right to the junction […]

What a robot!

Yesterday, I was lucky to get to watch a demo of Mrinal & Gang’s COMRADE Robot at Yahoo! They have been working on this since a long time and they were sponsored by Yahoo! during this semester as a project, under the guidance of Kalyan. Oh, and how is the robot, you ask? It’s simply […]