The Adventure of Shivanasamudram!

My friends and myself went on another rockin’ trip this Sunday!! This time it was a planned one ;-) (see Nandi Hills photos if you didn’t get that one)

We, five guys – Azmi, Gaurav, Subhojit, Sudheer and Swaroop, had the most amazing fun – we did rock climbing and trekking in the mountains and swimming and eating instantly made sandwiches in the middle of nowhere….!!!

Read the complete writeup with photos!

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4 thoughts on “The Adventure of Shivanasamudram!

  1. Hi, I am a chartered Accountant working in Bangalore. I am native of Talkad and settled down here and finds time hardly available to visit Talkad. Your article did bring nostalgic memories of my place. Must thank you for this and should plan an early visit. The monsoon bringing abundantly excessive rain a visit now is worth the effort. Why do not you try another trip? I promise to host you all a delicious vegetarian Lunch.


  2. hey ur info and the photographs helped us lot to decide on a place to visit and go out… Thanxz a lot…

  3. Its really good indeed, and currently my desktop wallpaper!! putting it in my office newsgroup Smiling

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