Open source coming of age

Newsforge has a new article on ‘Open source cracks publishing wide open’ – It is an interesting article to which I can directly relate to. Yes, I am referring to my book. It is heartening to note that open source tools are coming of age and are being used in a professional publishing environment. On […]

I got GMail!

Marcie Robillard was running a contest where the most creative requests would get GMail invites! I sent one of my ‘dynamically typed’ poems praising her ;-0 … but I was disappointed to not get any GMail Invites from Marcie. But when she got more GMail invites, she sent them to the runners-up of the contest, […]

Yahoo! Mail is 100 MB!

Yahoo! Mail Free edition is upgraded to 100 MB now!! This rocks! The new interface however is just ok. I can now send attachments up to 10 MB. Read more about the new and improved Yahoo! Mail. This also means I won’t be using my Spymac 1 GB email account much anymore.

High on Kaffeine!

On a whim, I downloaded Xine and Kaffeine and installed them. One word sure comes to mind – Smooth!! There was absolutely no problems in installing them. A simple ‘./configure; make; sudo make install;‘ does the trick. One extremely pleasant thing I discovered was that Xine now plays .dat files – Sweet! Kaffeine’s interface is […]

Discussion boards

I’ve set up a discussion board on my website to discuss things such as my book ‘A Byte of Python’ as well forums for PESIT students and alumni. I’d love to hear any suggestions on how these forums can be made popular or even new useful forums such as a Linux Newbie discussion board. Please […]

Idea 2 Language

Eric Gunnerson explains how an idea becomes a C# language feature…. The C# 2.0 Specification has been been updated on generics, iterators, anonymous methods, partial classes and other miscellaneous features .