Yahoo! Mail is 100 MB!

Yahoo! Mail Free edition is upgraded to 100 MB now!! This rocks! The new interface however is just ok. I can now send attachments up to 10 MB. Read more about the new and improved Yahoo! Mail. This also means I won’t be using my Spymac 1 GB email account much anymore.

High on Kaffeine!

On a whim, I downloaded Xine and Kaffeine and installed them. One word sure comes to mind – Smooth!! There was absolutely no problems in installing them. A simple ‘./configure; make; sudo make install;‘ does the trick. One extremely pleasant thing I discovered was that Xine now plays .dat files – Sweet! Kaffeine’s interface isContinue reading “High on Kaffeine!”

Idea 2 Language

Eric Gunnerson explains how an idea becomes a C# language feature…. The C# 2.0 Specification has been been updated on generics, iterators, anonymous methods, partial classes and other miscellaneous features .