VTU == V Torture U

I just wrote the only paper in our last semester of B.E. – Cryptography and Network Security (CNS for short). It was a tough paper! The questions focused on small things such as Hill Cipher for 20 marks! And the others were questions where we were clueless. It’s not fair. We chose a tough subject like this one because we wanted to ‘learn’ something and not study Management In Engineering (MIE) where questions like ‘Explain the difference between CV and resume’ fetches 10 marks! And that too, they get an easy paper!

I guess, VTU is not the place where you want to ‘learn’. It’s the place where you learn things by rote, write long answers with proper underlining and get ‘good marks’. It’s not the first time I’ve felt this way.

Juniors, one piece of advice, choose the path of least effort when choosing VTU electives. I’ve been bitten by wanting to ‘learn’ and by experience, my advice is to learn on your own. For example, since we are relatively free during 8th semester, I was able to do some productive work like my my book on Python.

At the end of the day yesterday, I joked (but unfortunately not smiling) that CNS stands for ‘Continue Next Semester’.

Thank god for my friends who helped me get out of my dejected mood.

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  1. sexy dude. i completely agree with u. vtu is the dumbest university on earth. they dont even know to encourage students to take good electives. i wish there was one more good university better than vtu that we could have opted for.

  2. I guess, VTU is not the place where you want to ‘learn’ ,you seem to have realized that a little too late.the purpose of VTU exams is to score marks and not learn subjects.i am glad i realized a lot earlier and chose MIE

  3. Hey dude u r jez being a bit too lenient on VTU..they deserve more accolades 4 torturing us.
    VTU has never left any stone unturned in making our lives miserable, this CNS paper was no exception.!!!
    The VTU version of Computer Network n “Security” has made our lives INSECURE like never before.
    Hopefully our juniors will learn from our mistakes n never opt for CNS or infact CNS should be banned from the curriculum so tht VTU doesn’t create another massacre next year.

  4. C’mon dudes…
    whats this? one tough paper and you want to ban the paper and that too Cryptography..
    Its such a sexy subject.. Ah! I miss those elliptic curves .. Hmph!! AND I was a mech engineer!!

    (OK! time to take off my tin foil hat) ;)

    Enjoy!!! you are out of the hell called PESIT….
    I still remember the day I got off the over 3.5 years back ;)

  5. Hi,
    Its true with my university too. I too am an engg student under Kannur University, Kerala. Its same here. I strongly believe that learning should be for gaining knowledge but its not true here. Its for earning marks….nothing more nothing less….either by hook or by crook.

  6. I am in the 5th sem right now…and considering we have to choose electives from next sem..it’s good to get some advice from u guys…and well..I’ve been a part of VTU long enough to know that it’s one BIG joke..I dont think I learnt anything to help me in my profession later…but Lemme stop ranting now..coz I got a test 2morrow [:(]

  7. hi buddies,
    many thanks for ur valuable comments,,i was thinking to take
    CNS ,,but now i have completely dropped the idea,,i dont want to continue one more semester in the SUCKIN college called PESIT..’

  8. Don’t worry Pawan, you’re going to actually miss that suckin college once you’re out of there ;) , enjoy college life when you can.

  9. Well, I had many so-called ‘optional’ and ‘choice’ subjects decided by my college as well. We’re just another brick in the wall.

  10. hi!
    i m, studyin i just wrote my third sem papers ,i got my initial jitters @ vtu i swear i never imagined in my wildest dreams that i wud ave 2 mug up so much of gibberish all d time leaving liitle or no emphasis on gaining indepth knowloedge of d sub.

  11. V torture u is a great slogan for the world’s dumbest
    university! I am a student of GMIT ,Davangere ( yeah its really there ) and If I were to have 3 wishes by a Genie
    which he would fulfill, They would be:
    1. beat balaveera reddy to death
    2. beat balaveera reddy to death
    3. beat balaveera reddy to death

  12. hi friends,
    i completed BE in pa engg college manglore…its really fucked up there and never had the freedom to choose elective subjects…..

  13. specially in computer science and engineering there are no competent people to set question papers and evaluate the same competitivly. for name sake they will have phd degrees this happened to me in two subjects software architectures and networking and protocols that to in my phd course work the pass marks is 50 /100 i have nopt cleared both not due to my incompetance definaqtly not this is due to incompetance of my question paper setters and evaluators. no revaluation facility i cant see my script –see the plight of students. my advice strictly do not register under vtu it nis a big shit

  14. Its been just a little experience in VTU……. Jus two sems. Seems quite ok. Yet, have the feeling that i ll get to know soon as to y ppl speak that way abt the university…

  15. Along with the classical slogan i have a new one ie V TROUBLE U.OR V TAKE U OR V TAME U …………..ETC

  16. well V.T.U sucks …..
    that every one knows and that too if you get struck up in a place like yelhanka …..N.I.T.T.E………with a crazy H.O.D like we have in electricals your life is hell
    he is a pain in the….
    who finds solace in flunking students through awarding low attendence and no internals
    i hope he has a seat reserved in hell

  17. full form of vtu
    vtu -v torture u
    v trap u
    fresh BE joining students please read this
    vtu is a presently,lively hell on this earth…
    Don’t take risk to enter this hell in this youthfulage .
    Try to lead your life from safer side..we are from 8th sem ECE students. we’ve lead a miserable life and we’ve wasted a lot of our valuable time for studying these bleady ,fuck off subjects and by facing the idealess brutes setted question papers . So please don’t try to make your life to risky by choosing BE as your future dream…………….

  18. Hey DUDES!!! U guys atleast had the chiices to make.. But here in Mandya(Man And Nature Drills Your Ass) the great college know as the PESCE, The choices were made by the dept.. Wat Irony.. I’m not supposed to opt for a sub that i like.. I remember this FLUID MECHANICS paper in my 4th sem which made everyone wet their pants… The same with my 7th sem HEAT & MASS TRANSFER… N the best irony is that the nest sem’a paper is the so damn f*@king easy that the dumbest of dumbest ‘ll get through.. I guess VTU BELIEVES in SOMEKIND of CELESTIAL LOCATION TO decide upon the type of questions to b set……

  19. You can be sure there’s some big nasty hand behind deciding all the syllabus for all of us out there at VTU.
    The industry wants us nice and fresh and naive… you just get marks here at VTU… what you are to learn is decided by those whom you work for. Nothing more nothing less…
    There’s no one who want’s to see us prosper, not even the industry bigwigs who speak about doing so…
    Just be brave, choose your own path…. that’s what great people did, are doing and will do.
    Don’t be limited by all this crap, your are going to repent if you don’t break loose.

    Remember we’re not a flock of sheep waiting to be someone(wolf)’s meal….

  20. VTU it means that v torture you.I is really torturing me with giving late result.This is one of the slowest working institution exist on this earth.Its working is really like to reach hell.I am sick and tired of its working.It will be always ready to collect funds like exam fees ,revaluation fees,challenger revaluatilon fees,this fees,that fees,always fees etc.They are full of money bhooths.But they are not ready to give the result fast.These people have started
    the college early and after starting college for 2 months they give the result.HOW SLOW THIS VTU IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VTU-V TORTURE U///////////////////////////////

  21. If you want to distinguish the difference between hell, limbo and the netherworld, you’ve been in the right place…

    “VTU” stands for the following:
    “V” for Venereal
    “T” for Trepidation
    “U” for Ululation

    this is what limbo is..

    If you wish to experience hell … go back in time … to the times before the “venerable (VTU)” was established – “Bangalore University”
    “B” for Bums
    “U” for United

  22. hey dude thank u giving me an opportunity to comment……..i really agree with u….this is the worst university…there is no proper syllabi for the subjects..and then the question paper….what a torture….it’s exactly rite

  23. hehe… completely a site for us….

    like always …. this time vtu was a bit more creative in screwing everyone around…

    i was in a critical situation but i wrote my papers so that i clear easily… the third time in Signals paper i got the sam2 marks (27)(all three times my effort, material and quality of answers differ)… so i had 5 backs and wasn’t allowed to fill up any fees for my 5th sem subjects…
    couldn’t attend classes, labs…

    now a week before the lab externals… vtu decides to declare the reval marks… and this time to make situation even worse…. now i m through…

    so the condition is… if i write i m fucked… coz most
    probably i see a year back coming….

    so the nicest advice i could get in my situation was…
    take a year back now… even when uve cleared
    coz if i write … my placement is screwed… my internal marks for this sem will be screwed forever… and i might take 3-4 more years to clear those with the legendry 0+50 marks.. which i dont think is very easy in enc 3rd year…

    so to sum up i feel like i m in a movie…

  24. hey swaroop,its correct tat vtu don’t give us a chance to expand our knowledge but only focuses on syllabus and securing good marks in examz..

  25. who the hell told vtu tortures .u people dont study so u dont
    get marks.y are u blaming university.they are setting difficult question paper ……..no use of adviceing
    then whats the value of university degree

  26. Oh yeah!! We’re supposed to study isn’t it??
    When the universities in the rest of the world emphasises on research, we emphasise on marks don’t we???Get a life dude…

  27. Hey, I am a 1st yr student..I wraote thmy 1st sem very well..But the results have screwd me up..The subject which i expected to get 100 out of 100 for sure, i got just 59..in many other subjects also ,yhe same thing happened while others expecting to fail were passed by good marks..so i reall am disgraced ’bout the valuation of VTU which VTU shud take care of.

  28. i wrote my 1 sem very well,but not satisfied frm marks ,i expected 2 get fcd but dont no wats the bloody vtu has done tat i have 2 b back in 2 subjects,i have applied 4 challege revaluation but d result is not yet announced… I will f__k off tis vtu or i’ll book a case in supreme court if any thing goes wrong tis time..or i’ll take the help of PRESS to close vtu. VTU UR BAD TIME HAS COME IT WILL MAKE U A HISTRY.

  29. Yes Folks All u say is correct .I am really tensed with the subjects like SSM, SE, CG for 6th sem.I dont udstnd y the keey such stuff for us.I become envious seeing those info science guys alwys MAJA MADTAHRe

  30. hey swaroop…im in PESIT now, 4th sem,in the IS department…I attended the FOSS event last year, I think you were there…someone told me about your book…
    You’re absolutely right in every way, for one thing, VTU is really messed up.So is PESIT, in many ways. For attending the FOSS event for two days, even though technically you’re supposed to get attendance for it, I didnt. NO one even knew what it was. Four of us attended it, and we had to manage our own attendance for that. DITTO for anything else you want to do..
    In third sem, i got a back in EC, although i really dont think i deserved it in any way, and they didnt pass me in re-val, which sucks…so I’m wondering…how badly will this affect everything…placements, applications for post grad, etc….A lot of people have answered this before, with all completely varying answers…so Im wondering..what’s your take on this one? can you tell me what are the exact consequences of this?

  31. totally agree………….i say don’t study anything for exam and u r sure 2 get thru………i’m astonished at my results……i expected 60% and got 80% with 98/100 in maths(my weakest subject).I’m in 2nd sem in BIT studying ECE…….

  32. Hey! im now in the fourth sem in PESIT.Im glad i read all this stuff ..seriously!

  33. Yep guyz am in complete agreement with u( fully agree wth u) . this bloody university has got nothing else to do rather than torturing students in one way or the other. am in mca final year in RNSIT.
    i got numerous backs when i used to study. when i stopped studying, can u believe … i got all clear in my 4th & 5th sem wth a good percentage. all the system here from university level to faculty level can’t tell u the logic behind the stuff
    but they will force u to mug up & vomit in exams. & above all our great hod who has got only 1 dialog to say day & nite ” u know u finish off mca get good marks & go away” labs have become nothing more than typing classes in our department.
    just mug up & vomit in front of lab external. if u get output u r lucky else u get 40. u can’t use u r own logic other than what faculty has given in notes (even they don’t know how the lab programs work).

    & few more famous dialogs in mca department :
    senerio 1.
    if u goto ask some doubt 2 faculty , u get 1 straight answer

    Flat 1 line answer which will put an end to all arguments.

    senerio 2. u discuss something with u r internal guide (for final sem project report) u get 1 straight answer


    again that answer will put an end to all arguments.

    for engg. students arranging rs 500 in 1 week is easy, but 4 us, it is 5000 rs & arranging that in 1 week is very difficult.
    4 ug students, 80% times in re eval, marks are increased.
    4 pg students, 80% times in challange re eval, marks are decreased.

    they give u backs at 37 or 38 (40 is passing marks) I got 3 backs at 37 & 38 marks. don’t understand #$@%@!%^ ki 2 number dene mai. & here our life gets screwed up coz of those 2 marks.

    VTU & RNSIT has taught me only 2 things. make chits, copy intelligently in internal & external (don’t get caught) & be happy.
    comments are invited

  34. I dont agree that after writing 60 marks u can get 98 in this university, n there is no surprise that after writing 98 u will get 60 marks in vtu. now im thinking i sould have gone for BU.
    The rules over students in this university are very strict but there is no one to control these vtu people and there is no discipline in vtu at all. they think what ever they do it is correct.
    and for PG it is hell. for applying challenge re-evaluation u have to pay 5000 rupees for each subject. n even after paying 5000 for each subject i think for keeping their side , what they do is that they send the same result without making any verifications or without checking it once again because there is no facility to get xerox copy of the answer papers.
    our results got declared 15 days before and still my friend is waiting for his result , his result was Withheld for no reason, n cant ask them why so?
    if he fails in that subject he will have no chance to put it for challenge revaluation because last date for applying revaluation got over. then he has to sit for 1yr at home.
    being a technical university, the look of home page of vtu is so irritating n also most of the times when i enter its website address in adress bar it will show page cannot be opened then i have to open google search engine n have to enter vtu to visit vtu site.
    and there is no section for feed back also in that page because they dont want feedbacks just go on implimenting rules who will ask?
    i toatlly agree to change its name from Visweswarayya Technical University to V Torture U.

  35. well u guys explained vtu in prudey good manner.. nothing is left to say.. i’m very happy by readin so many suckin words abou VTU.. rock guys..

  36. Gr8 to kno tat all vtu-ans hav same sad view abt this sick university..seriously these vtu ppl hav to b controlled before every bechare aspiring student give away the hope of them becoming a full fluged engineers…to begin with this MAHA university whichs supposed to b making out mny engi’s has no proper WEBSITE. All u can find in that dumb site is rubbish…. now tat v hav,our end sem xams startin from 27th n our board never bothers to put up the time table…wen u go click on tat tt link,al u get is d DEC 2006’s table…. the next best thing ,n tat to for this year 3rd sem(new syllb) is,v hav no idea how our papers r gonna b…don’t kno their patterns,wen asked in coll,teachers them selves r completely clueless.al v hav to go abt now,is a assumed path…Finally to prove that these god damn ppl hav no brains,…the date of examination is such that,v got to b writein a xam on NEW YEAR….i hav no clues how many ever ppl r gonna curse the time table setter for this,but me surely, am one-who is cursin him/her now,2moro,on new year eve,jan 1st n for ever.
    [Thanks re swaroop,it jst real nice to shout out the world,how dumb VTU is.]

  37. its not just vtu….INDIA(excepting few institutions/people) is like that..look at the politicians,police or even common crowd…inspite of knowing what they are doing is wrong they continue to do so as if somebody had hypnotised them before birth itself to induce such thoughts.
    politicians,police=======>accept bribe ,make fake policies,loot knowing theyre wrong.
    vtu sets curriculum=====>even though tis well known that its not knowledgible/productive.
    lets hope we have an indian revolution like the french revolution an then people continue to live by logic!

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