I got GMail!

Marcie Robillard was running a contest where the most creative requests would get GMail invites! I sent one of my ‘dynamically typed’ poems praising her ;-0 … but I was disappointed to not get any GMail Invites from Marcie.

But when she got more GMail invites, she sent them to the runners-up of the contest, which apparently I am also. :-)

GMail rocks!! I like it already, especially the conversations.. I’m looking forward to blog more about my GMail experiences.

4 thoughts on “I got GMail!

  1. The keyboard shortcuts, the conversations, the stars, the Archive button …. they are all great! But it still needs some work, understandable, coz it’s beta!

  2. Cool man …gmail invite…rediff is offering 1gb of space…too…and yahoo is now 100 mb.
    R they giving you pop access..

    Sandeep Hebbar
    BMS 8th Sem CS

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