Mullainagiri photos

Check out the snaps of my latest trip – trekking at Mullainagiri – the highest point in Karnataka!! I’ll add a writeup of it soon…

I’ve been unable to update my blog much nowadays… but I am thinking of shifting my website to one of the popular open source CMSes and then probably it’ll be easier and more fun to update the website… :-)

3 thoughts on “Mullainagiri photos

  1. Knowing your passion for python, I assume that the CMS will be the incomparable King of OpenSource
    CMS – The one and the only Zope – or Plone which is even used by Zope! The only problem is that webhosts for zope are few and far between.

  2. Hi Mohan,

    If only that were true!! I tried very hard to find an Indian hosting service which provides Python (and of course, a reasonable fee) but I was unsuccessful. So for the moment, I have to stick with the usual PHP/MySQL CMSes… but maybe in future….!! ;)

  3. We want to trek to Mullayyana giri, Please share your experience and guide us. Will it be OK, if we visit in the month of May’07

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