Yahoo YEP

We, the Yahoos, are leaving for MGM Beach Resort in Chennai tonight to celebrate our Year End Party tomorrow! Lot of things to look forward to – games, beach, skits, music, cocktails, disco, antakshari in the bus, lots of fun!! I’ll be back on Saturday night with lots to update and photos as well (after […]

I’m talking at LB04

Yep, that’s right. I’ll be taking over the stage at LB04 to convert Perl/C++/Java programmers into Python programmers under an hour ;) The talk is titled ‘Python for Programmers’ and a short blurb follows: Python for Programmers This talk/tutorial is designed to introduce Python to experienced programmers and get them started on it quickly. First, […]

LB 04 is just 5 days away!

Hari Krishnan made this cool banner. Don’t forget to check out the list of talks/speakers ! Some of the ‘hot’ speakers are: Andi Kleen ( TCP/IP Stack in Linux, Linux x86-64, etc) Andrew Cowie ( Brian Behlendorf (Apache) Harald Welte ( Netfilter/IPTables, Linux Kernel ) Michael Meeks ( Ximian Desktop, OpenOffice etc) Sirtaj Singh Kang […]

Coming back to life

In sync with my fave song of late – Pink Floyd’s "Coming back to Life" – this blog is back alive and kicking again :) Well, no, I hadn’t gone underground, it’s just that I’ve become too involved in stuff and now I’m slowly getting untangled and back to dabbling in all stuff again…. You’ll […]