We, the Yahoos, are leaving for MGM Beach Resort in Chennai tonight to celebrate our Year End Party tomorrow! Lot of things to look forward to – games, beach, skits, music, cocktails, disco, antakshari in the bus, lots of fun!!

I’ll be back on Saturday night with lots to update and photos as well (after all, I have to make full use of my new digicam :) )

Yep, that’s right. I’ll be taking over the stage at LB04 to convert Perl/C++/Java programmers into Python programmers under an hour ;)

The talk is titled ‘Python for Programmers’ and a short blurb follows:

Python for Programmers

This talk/tutorial is designed to introduce Python to experienced programmers and get them started on it quickly.

First, the necessary backgrounder stuff on Python is introduced. Then, the main features and virtues of Python are introduced, highlighting the factors that make it different from other interpreted languages.

I always take an example-oriented approach to teaching the language (just like in my book at byteofpython.info) and using examples, I intend to give a quick review of important topics such as the syntax, the looping statements, functions and OOPs, the built-in data structures, exception handling and the standard library.

The examples give enough information to make it easy to understand but also such that the audience does not have to consume too much information in a limited time.

This will be followed by some real world examples of some interesting areas where Python is easy to use such as wxPython for GUI making, Twisted library for networking and the IronPython and Jython software for .NET/Mono and Java users respectively.

A brief outline is mentioned below:

  1. Python for Advanced Programmers who know Perl, C++,etc.

    • What’s unique about Python
    • Examples on looping, functions, classes
    • Built-in data structures
    • List comprehensions, Exception handling
    • Sampler on advanced stuff like metaprogramming
    • Gotchas
  2. Twisted for Networking

    • Introduction
    • Example, say a blog reader or ssh client
  3. wxPython for GUI
    • For building cross-platform GUI apps
  4. IronPython for .Net/Mono-ers and Jython for Java-ers
    • Interoperate with .NET/Mono and Java

See you there!

Hari Krishnan made this cool banner.

Don’t forget to check out the list of talks/speakers !

Some of the ‘hot’ speakers are:

Andi Kleen ( TCP/IP Stack in Linux, Linux x86-64, etc)
Andrew Cowie (http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/AndrewCowie)
Brian Behlendorf (Apache)
Harald Welte ( Netfilter/IPTables, Linux Kernel )
Michael Meeks ( Ximian Desktop, OpenOffice etc)
Sirtaj Singh Kang (KDE Core developer )
Scott Wheeler ( KDE Core Developer )
Werner Almesberger ( TCP/IP Stack in Linux )
Wietse Venema ( PostFix mail server )

In sync with my fave song of late – Pink Floyd’s "Coming back to Life" – this blog is back alive and kicking again :)

Well, no, I hadn’t gone underground, it’s just that I’ve become too involved in stuff and now I’m slowly getting untangled and back to dabbling in all stuff again….

You’ll also notice that my blog is now shifted to swaroopch.info – thanks to Dr. Mutha from aippg.com for offering me the free domain name and hosting :)

I’ve also moved my book to byteofpython.info also thanks to Dr. Mutha…

Of course, I don’t want you to do any hard work, so you’ll still be able to get a feed of my blog through the old g2swaroop.net URL as well :)

Also, I have switched to WordPress and spent all night yesterday customizing it and spent all night today copying all the blog posts from the old blog location to WordPress…. that was quite a bit of work. So, please do comment on the look and feel of my blog – feel free to crib about the fonts, colors, anything at all!

To sum it all up, my web presence is now divided into three websites: