Tsunami hits South and South East Asia

Nearly 9000 people have died in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives and Sri Lanka due to a massive tsunami triggered by the largest earthquake the Earth has seen in the past 40 years. I was watching NDTV News and I was totally frightened about the extent of the tragedy and they kept stressing on the numbersContinue reading “Tsunami hits South and South East Asia”

I want to go gadling too

One of my favorite sites that I follow these days is Gadling.com. Webster dictionary says that ‘gadling’ means ‘a roving vagabond’. Nice. I recently came across an entry about FromParis.com which contains amazing panoramic photographs of Paris, the City of Lights. It is simply awesome. Whatever you do, don’t miss visiting this site. You canContinue reading “I want to go gadling too”