LB2004 Day 2

After my talk, I managed to listen to Sirtaj talking about the future of KDE, especially KDE 4 , although I had missed the first part of his talk because I was talking to people who had listened to my talk and were asking me more about Python…

Then, me and Azmi went to Kiran’s talk on the guts of Python… it was not as advanced as we had hoped it would be and he was going into the nitty gritty details on the syntax, so we went to Shanker’s talk on BSD and that was an interesting talk, although I had some reservations on his bias against Linux but I did agree with him that upgrading stuff on Linux was a PITA…. and FreeBSD totally rocks for a server environment! However, the other side is that more innovation and things happen in the Linux world….

Then, Pradeep, Vinay and myself attended the PHP 5 talk.. which turned out to be more of a press conference than an actual talk, we quickly got bored…. we then went to Philip’s talk on Fallback Messaging, but it was mostly theoritical…. then, me and the guys just met in the hall and we were standing in queue for the LB T-shirts and then headed to the Yahoo pop quiz that we held… it was 20 questions to be answered in about 5 seconds each with the question displayed on the screen… it was fun :) .. then I helped collect the papers and winners would be announced tomorrow….

Pradeep and Harish, each have a talk tomorrow.

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  1. Oops, I did it again. Thanks Philips for pointing that out. I’ve corrected it now. Sirtaj’s gonna kick me for making that mistake again after he corrected me on last year’s blog!

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