Wikipedia rocks

My 12-year old sister wanted to learn more about musical instruments for some homework that she wanted to write and asked me if I knew something to write about. I told her she could use the internet to read all about that.

So, she logged into Fedora. I showed her how to open Firefox and then told her to type ‘’ and press enter. Go to ‘Search’ and type ‘musical instruments’ and press enter. Voila! All the information is there. She got fascinated by the amount of info as well as the nice images on the pages about the guitar, violin, veena, sarod and many more.

It was remarkable how easily she took to Firefox. She was opening the site, searching for something, right clicking and opening in new tabs, all after just 5 min of showing her how to do it.

She even uses the computer to draw. She used to use KPaint but has now graduated to GIMP.

And they say Linux is not easy.

2 thoughts on “Wikipedia rocks

  1. Kids are always smart. its the ‘education’ that ruins them :)

    As older brothers/sisters our job is just to point to the choices, and let them choose.

    Oh! by the way, my brother has been using linux since the age of 12. (since 1999) :)

  2. I totally agree. I still use it for university! its amazing, and you can learn about basically anything! Some of the information there is actually very complex, and can help students up to Grad schools. I hope that one day it’ll be a website for everyone from a student to a professor to use. The only issue is copyrighting, with universities submitting everything to a turnitin website (which is morally illegal, since they’re owning work submitted and written by students, for free- without their will). Anyhow, cheers.

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