When you have cousins flying over from Canada and Australia and everybody catches up, you tend to do stuff together. We went bowling and watched Musafir on Sunday. The movie is worth watching just for Sanjay Dutt! He’s amazing. My favorite dialogue of the movie is (in Hindi) "Taqdeer teri chutti pe. Maut teri sar pe. Lekin baatein aisi karta hai jaise zindagi teri bistar pe." … the songs are straight beats and dance stuff but well made. No pretenses are made. The movie is fast and the songs are fast. A bit of warning though, its definitely not a family movie ;)

I watched Swades today. Very well made and inspiring movie. There are no special scenes or jhatka matka songs. Just pure patriotism. Not the in-your-face over-the-top kind but a simple and meaningful way that you and I can relate to. If that’s not your cup of tea, then don’t watch it. Otherwise, the movie just totally appeals to you. It did to me. No matter what you do, no matter how comfortable you are, there’s nothing like home. One of the reasons I don’t really look forward to going to ‘amreeka’ as most people I see around fancy about. If the opportunity came, I might go. If not, I don’t really care. I like it here. Am I crazy to say that?

On a related note, the movie just reminds me of Abdul Kalam’s vision of using technology to improve life in my country India. I hope one day I would be able to contribute to such a vision.

If this post seems like a bolt from the blue to you, don’t be surprised. I’ve had these things in my mind since a long time. It’s just that I didn’t blog about it till now. I can’t help it, I’m a very idealistic person and this movie just brought out that side in me :)

It seems that Swades is a rip-off of the Kannada film ‘Chigurida Kanasu’ based on the novel of the same name by Shivaram Karanth. I am trying to look for details on this.

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  1. [Disclimer] what i heard from a friend:
    1. kishori ballal’s character’s name is kaveramma ( kannadiga name !)
    2. yes! even the script writer is a kannadiga (MG Sathya)..
    IFF, it is true that it is a story based on chigurida kanasu,
    its a shining example of how kannadigas get ripped off whereever they go.
    not that we are any less talented than anybody else, but we usually dont make enough noise to be noticed.
    Arrgh!! can you imagine the same happening to a story taken from *some* ;) other language.
    pride need not be chest thumping vareity, kannadigare!!, “swaabhimaana” and “abhimaana” is enough!!

  2. Hi
    I just read the swades review.Kishori Ballal’s Character ‘Kaveramma” actually lived in Mysore whose son never returned from London forever.She lived independently and played Foster mother to many children.She finally left us 1992.In Swades Kishori Ballal played Kaveramma.But the Original Swades was called ” Vapasi” which I produced in 1995 where in Ashutosh Gowariker Played Mohan Bhargava(Sharukh Khan) and Malavika acted as Geetha.We registered the story in 1996 as Des Pardes,the Des and then finally Swades much before any body else ever thought of NRI as a Character.Dr.Shivaram Karanth never wrote the story with NRI as a Character.Chigurida Kanasugalu is based on the screen play by Nagabharana and Jayanth Kaikini partly based on Marali Mannige by Dr. Karanth.Ashutosh Gowariker’s Screenplay of Swades is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s Bharth Darshan and Self Rule(Panchayath Raj) and Non Violence in Lagaan. In Chigurida Kanasu the Hero comes from City()Delhi like in thousands of Films and Stories to his village to his Grandma/Grandpa..etc. It is out of Jealousy amongst Kanndigaas that they don’t want to give credits to any other Kannidiga.Welcome to a stranger. You know what I mean.We Welcome foreigners to buy our land also. I and you with Indian Money cannot compeit with these strangers that we love to Hug.Swades has influenced many thousands to take up rural developement work. Pl all of you should start writing stories emerging from your own contradictions and invest money to influence a readers and viewers. That will be a great leap forward. If it seems like something done before, read shakespear onwards and you will know that all plots are done with. Just see if you can create new character in your story.Keep trying. you are bound top succed.

  3. Pl delete p from top and a next to readers in my previous comment.

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