Joke Falls

I saw Joke Falls a few days ago and I was surprised to see a well made Kannada movie after sooooooooooo long (no exaggeration that).

Ironically, it is a hit movie and inspired from an old Dharmendra movie ‘Chupke Chupke’ whereas the hit movie Swades is inspired (strictly in my opinion only) from ‘Chigurida Kanasu’… welcome to Indian cinema :)

I just love the songs in Joke Falls, they are very hummable and a heck of a lot better than the vulgar songs I (fortunately or unfortunately) see in most Kannada movies these days….

11 thoughts on “Joke Falls

  1. Thank you for your kind opinion of the film. It helps us make better films in the future. Thank you again.

    Ashok Patil
    JokeFalls Film Director.

  2. what are u thinking?, there are so many kannada movies with good theme and music in recent days, i think u haven’t watched movies from one year, please be careful while publishing your words on mass media like internet, it will harm sentiments of so many people. sorry to say this to one of my kannada friend. i think u will have a look at it.

  3. Happy new year to all and hope this year will bring more good kannada movies and music.
    Mano Murthy

  4. You asked abt some good movies with good music.. I can give u a list of over 20 albums with excellent music from 2000 to present..
    Apthamitra, Kanti, Santosha, Chappaale, Nalla (these are few names from mid 2004 to jan 2005).
    Also hop in to and see for urself the amount of good music that is in Kannada. So Please don’t make such comments on the internet by being ignorant
    u wanna catch up ongood kananda music checkout our Internet radio station (the first and only one available on the internet) –
    Going by nbumbers.. they are on par or in fact the hit albums are higher than in Hindi or tamil.
    This is for your information

    the admin of Kannada audio forum and radio station

  5. I just love the songs in Mungaru Malle, they are very hummable and the best in most Kannada movies these days….
    Thanks a Million to Mano Murthy for giving us such good music in Kannada:))

  6. Mano Murthy a superb piece of creation by god, really a great personality. i love you for the music that what you given to kannada people and kannada industry,i never dreamt of the background music as what you have given in mungaru male .

  7. Hey swaroop you are doing great work by discussing and letting others know about good kannada movies and songs, keep doing !! Mungaru Male has been an excellent movie off late with good music and thanks a million to Mr. Mano Murthy for giving us some wonderful songs.

  8. This is just a copy or remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Chupke Chupke (1975) . So it takes 32 years to make one such movie in Kannada .

    Missing Puttana Kanagal very much .

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