Blogging from Calicut!

I’m blogging from a Ubuntu Linux desktop in the awesome 24-hours Computer science lab in NIT, Calicut. This place is so big! Coming back to the event that we had come for – the FLOSS Meet @ NIT Calicut, it was very successful and we had a great time today. Actually, the morning didn’t startContinue reading “Blogging from Calicut!”

Talk at FLOSS Meet tomorrow

There is a FLOSS Meet tomorrow at NIT Calicut, Kerala and I will be giving talk on Python along with Pradeep. The organizers informed me that around 100-150 students are expected. Also, apparently, today’s edition of the New Indian Express features news about the event as well :) Other speakers include Shanker Balan (talking aboutContinue reading “Talk at FLOSS Meet tomorrow”

Soul and Role of Yahoo and Google

After quite a while, I was reading again, Battelle’s posts on Yahoo and Google and their role in media and technology . Its an interesting read. It got me thinking on how the cultures of Yahoo and Google are so different, yet they are so similar in what they do – the media and technologyContinue reading “Soul and Role of Yahoo and Google”


I just saw the PyCon 2005 schedule and the abstracts of the talks. Just one thing on my mind – I wish I could attend! The list of talks as well as of the speakers are simply amazing.

First Bangalore Python meetup

As I had announced yesterday, we had a Python meetup at Ebony Restaurant today evening — Ten Pythonistas arrived and we had a rockin’ time :) I knew only Pradeep and Premshree before, I met the other 7 just today – Anand Pillai, Sundar, Owen, Suresh, Anish, Ramdas and Gurpreet. We met up at 7.30Continue reading “First Bangalore Python meetup”