Code word Legal

I guess you must've already heard that OpenSolaris is now 'open' for business. So, Sun has open sourced Solaris. Sun expects a cheering community and welcoming of OpenSolaris with a lot of fanfare ; but (unsurprisingly?) they are getting a lot of flak over the 'Common Development and Distribution License' that they have chosen for … Continue reading Code word Legal


I just saw the PyCon 2005 schedule and the abstracts of the talks. Just one thing on my mind - I wish I could attend! The list of talks as well as of the speakers are simply amazing.

Snake charmer

Gadling's photo of the day is a snake charmer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. No, seriously, I'm not talking of Pythonistas, I'm talking about a real snake charmer! Maybe this can be the official logo for BaPy ? ;) Update: 'BangPypers' seems to be the frontrunner for the name of the group!