Byte of Python list is formally open

I am formally announcing the Byte of Python book mailing list. The first post is reproduced below for your convenience:

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Byte-of-Python mailing list :)
Its exciting to write this first post!

New version

I just released version 1.20 of ‘A Byte of Python’ [1] and with the same I
would like to formally welcome you all to the Byte-of-Python mailing list [2].
This first post is mainly about the philosophy and purpose behind this mailing
list. For more details, regarding the new version, please see my blog [3].

About this List

This mailing list is in simple terms, a formal way for me to seek suggestions
and comments from interested readers of my book.

Let me explain, in detail, the parts of the above sentence:

  • The idea of a mailing list appeals to me because it provides a formal and
    easy way to have discussions. There are many other advantages such as
    archiving, digest options, etc.

  • I will be writing my views and thinking on the roadmap for my book and
    soliciting suggestions and comments from you, the interested reader of my book.

  • You are welcome to send in your suggestions, corrections, and criticisms
    about the book to the list.

  • Please talk only on topics directly related to the book. General questions
    regarding Python should be posted on the comp.lang.python newsgroup where you
    will get better and more informed help.

  • I want to keep this list as low-traffic and as meaningful as possible. In
    order to achieve this, I will have moderation on for all posts to the list. So,
    please be patient if your post does not appear immediately on the list. If
    certain mails do not need the attention of the entire list and can be answered
    by myself, then I will personally reply back (and not forward the mail to the

  • Moderation also helps prevents spam mails to the list (as already experienced
    by me).

  • I think these are reasonable ‘rules’ of the list ;) – please let me know if
    you are uncomfortable with any of this.

    Hope to start some interesting discussions in future.




Interesting trivia: The list already has 11 members (excluding myself) even before this formal announcement.

Now that the list is also open for discussion, get ready to see a lot of action regarding the book in the coming months! :D

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