The Road to Gandolfo

I just finished reading ‘The Road to Gandolfo’ by Robert Ludlum.

As expected, Ludlum writes a brilliant story. Although the first half of the book is not that interesting, the latter half totally changes things around. The story is about General Mackenzie Hawkins, a living military legend and a veteran. He defaces an important Chinese memorial as a result of being drugged by a Chinese general. He later gets kicked out of the army. Seeking revenge, he plots one of the most outrageous plans ever – to kidnap the Pope and hold him for ransom of $400 million – one dollar for every Catholic in this world!!

There’s only one person to stop him and that’s Sam Devereaux, an army lawyer who rescues the Hawk from China but subsequently himself gets trapped in the Hawk’s plan.

The story revolves around how the Hawk executes the mission in amazing precision and discipline along with his band of seven provocateurs and the unexpected reaction by the Pope…

Read the book to find out what happens in the end.

Overall rating (out of 10) : 6

Sidebar : Its amazing how I finished this book. I was reading it during breakfast or dinner time only. I finished it in a matter of 4 days!

Note: I have added a page to Wikipedia about this book since it was missing. Feel free to criticize :) .

8 thoughts on “The Road to Gandolfo

  1. I think you’re being unfair – this book is probably one of the funniest I’ve ever read (after H2G2). I couldnt help but laugh when he classifies the women based on their…err.. Anyway, very.very different Ludlum. If you’re looking for a normal Ludlum book, you would be disappointed

  2. I agree with the part of the hmm.. classification, but I feel this is not in the same league as ‘The Sigma Protocol’ or even ‘The Prometheus Deception’, but then again *most* books are usually not in the same league ;)

    Actually I was looking for H2G2 in the library, but Part 1 was taken, so I took this book. I’ll look for H2G2 today.

  3. I have read ‘Bourne Identity’ and ‘The Cry of The Halidon’ both ‘unputdownable’. In ‘Bourne Identity’ he tells the storey of Jason Bourne who forgets his past after his brain cells got re-arranged by a shot and in ‘The Cry of the Halidon’ he describes the tribe of Halidon and plan to hijack an entire nation [I don’t remeber the names] …. The difference you see in Ludlum and most other thrillers is, IMHO from page 1 Ludlum make you feel the heat of it while most others you’ll have to read half or even more of it to get fully into it. The movie ‘Bourne Identity’ was really disappointing. You won’t get a clue of what is happening if you see the movie, but the novel was spectacular. Now everyone in the hostel is charmed by The Da Vinci Code.

  4. Yeah, I entirely agree Praveen. Both those books are really awesome. The Bourne Identity movie was a total opposite compared to the book, they converted it into a typical action masala forgetting the whole plot by Ludlum which made reading the book such a pleasure.

    There’s a Da Vinci Code fever going on in Bangalore. For once, I’m glad such a thing is spreading :)

  5. Absolutely, The Road to Gandolfo ranks as one of the funniest; right up there with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!!!

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