My sister draws in GIMP

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you a scenery painting by my 7th standard sister Swathi using GIMP !! :)

'The Sea' as imagined by Swathi

Note that I’ve only taught her to use Linux and open GIMP, she learnt how to use GIMP by herself.

I explained her the concept of ‘Undo’ – she says she’ll use it to make better paintings in future!

13 thoughts on “My sister draws in GIMP

  1. Nitin: Its not her first time, but I guess this is her first ‘serious’ painting she has done with GIMP. I didn’t even know about it before… I was reading some stuff on the net, she came by and said she wanted to show me something! I was so impressed, that I had to put it up on my blog for the world to see :)

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