My friend Gopal V joined Yahoo! today. Welcome to the gang, Gopal! :) Gopal spoke about Parrot and DotGNU at Linux Bangalore/2004. He is one of the major contributors to DotGNU. He is also the admin of DotGNU. He is a true blue hacker and knows so much about VM and compiler internals stuff that […]

Code Jammin’

I just did the Google Code Jam thing. This was the first time ever that I used TopCoder, so I had to spend the first ten minutes just trying to figure out the interface. The first problem for 300 points was something to do with decibels. I took heck of a lot longer to solve […]

Coming soon : Learn Python in German!

Lutz Horn, Bernd Hengelein and Christoph Zwerschke have volunteered and started to translate my Python beginner’s book to German! The project is hosted at If you know Python and German, you’re most certainly welcome to join the translation as well. You can start just one page at a time! Please contact Lutz Horn (lutzhorn […]

WordPress 1.5

WordPress 1.5 is out!! Can’t wait to switch to it. The list of features is unbelievably amazing. Personally, I’m tired of all the comment spam. WP1.5 solves that by a simple blacklisting mechanism where you can shift users to a whitelist (so that the next comment they enter appears immediately), the rest are under moderation. […]

Learn Python in Chinese!!

Juan Shen has translated my beginner’s book on Python ‘A Byte of Python’ to Simplified Chinese! Juan Shen is postgraduate at Wireless Telecommunication Graduate School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China PR. You can read the Chinese version online right now. More details about Juan Shen and his efforts to spread Python in China is in […]