Why I prefer KDE over GNOME

Praveen says that GNOME is better but I don’t think I will switch from KDE anytime soon. I know this is the start of a holy war, in spite of that, here is why I prefer KDE over GNOME :

  • Lots of good applications – Kate, Konsole, Quanta Plus, K3B, KSysGuard, Cervisia, KSnapshot, and many many more. Show me some reasonably good equivalents in the GNOME world. I’ve come across none.

  • Konqueror rocks – A web browser, file explorer, FTP client, manpage viewer, etc, etc all rolled into one.

  • Integration – Because of the KPart system, I can view zip files or read text within Konqueror and without the need to open another application. Also, all settings can be changed from a single Control Center.

  • OK and Cancel buttons are in the right order – yes, this is a serious usability issue for me.

  • IMHO, KDE is faster and more stable than GNOME. Also, Qt applications tend to be more lightweight and more stable than Gtk applications. For example, compare Kontact and Evolution, KDevelop and Anjuta, and the best comparison of all, Konsole and gnome-terminal.

  • KDE works well on FreeBSD whereas GNOME comes lacking in this respect. I know this doesn’t particularly apply to me but in a company like Y! where almost all of the developers are on FreeBSD, this matters.

  • Upcoming KDE 4 will make you switch back to KDE. Period.

So, all ye Linux and BSD users, which is your choice?

Conclusion: The Free and Open Source Software community is all about choice. Its a good thing (TM) that we have choices – KDE, GNOME, XFCE, Enlightenment, etc. You can choose what you like and use it. Freedom to choose matters.

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  1. Hey dude I wrote so many about gnome and how it is better and I couldn’t post it showed an error [expired from cache or some thing, it was such a big one;-) I am not in a mood to write one. so I’ll give a summary and hope some gnome fans would fill it up and I’ll be back with more stuff later.

    small is beautiful [do it nicely whatever it is suppsed to do, rather than keeping all waste things in one like what konqueror does]
    nautilus is so cute and great
    the way kde manages devices sucks really I mean it (mplayer can’t get the sound card because it is busy when kde is running)
    lotta kdeinit scripts that never leave control over any apps even after use [classic example is a cd mounting and unmounting]
    nautilus handles devices superbly.
    firefox, thunderbird, evolution [can you compare kontact dude ? ]
    now openoffice comes with gnome with nice gnome native looks.
    well agree on kate [but i guess (yeah for sure) anjuta has a built in command line too, and it is superb ]
    check this extensive list of gnome apps(gnome-apps.org)
    Free BSD comes with gnome !
    Well I gota go now

  2. Praveen,

    * Konqueror doesn’t keep ‘waste things’ around. It only uses a KPart _when used_ by the user.

    * Cute is not such a great consideration for me. Looks is important, of course, but cute is very subjective to each person.

    * If you use `mplayer -ao arts` in KDE, it works flawlessly.

    * Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice are **not** true GNOME applications. Gtk is simply one of the toolkits they support, apart from Win32 API on Windows.

    * Agreed that GIMP doesn’t have an equivalent in KDE yet. This doesn’t matter that much to me.

  3. My choice is GNOME. It has got a cool programming API (gtk+ is a lot better than Qt)

    It’s GNU!

    Regarding your comment on performance, how much memory does kde apps consume. Preloading everything and showing the window in a flash when ‘konsole’ icon is clicked doesn’t tell kde apps are faster.

    Kde and Gnome are certainly better desktops, but each person has his own choice. I think you are risking a war ;)

  4. Sridhar,

    > My choice is GNOME. It has got a cool programming API (gtk+ is a lot better than Qt)

    When I am referring to KDE and GNOME here, I am speaking in terms of a desktop environment from a user’s perspective, not exactly a programmer’s perspective. However, I will still fall for your bait. I think Qt is better than GTK+. For example, [Qt Designer][] is way better than [Glade][].

    However, this does not mean GTK+ sucks in any way. I just find Qt more palatable to me. I may even use GTK+ myself some day.

    [Qt Designer]: http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/designer-manual-2.html
    [Glade]: http://www.writelinux.com/glade/

    > It’s GNU!

    The Linux kernel is not from GNU. You have to stop using it. How will you argue about this?

    > Regarding your comment on performance, how much memory does kde apps consume. Preloading everything and showing the window in a flash when ‘konsole’ icon is clicked doesn’t tell kde apps are faster.

    Tell me again, why is this a negative thing ?

  5. Well, being a programmer I judge things based on the inner workings (design, codesmells) rather than the features :)

    Linux kernel is not GNU. True. I will switch to Hurd when it matures. I am great fan of microkernles. ‘Being GNU’ is not a strict requirement of choice for me anyways.

    Tell me again, why is this a negative thing ?

    I just explained why you feel Kde apps are faster than gnome apps and that implies Kde is a memory hog when compared to Gnome.

    As an user, I was using KDE. When I started hacking, I switched to GNOME

  6. Sridhar, are you saying that GNOME is better designed than KDE? I think we can agree to disagree on this. I am still fascinated by DCOP and KParts.

  7. Even I love almost everything about KDE’s end user experience..now if only Konqueror would stop choking on half the websites out there …. :(

  8. Well, I’m not starting a war again, but assembled some bits to say something like “why I like Gnome, also what are the merits of kde”.
    Both are good desktop environments with its own features, some like it some doesn’t [there are many other desktops too]. I love KDE, when I don’t have Gnome :-) and I won’t have to use Windows.

  9. A sidenote:

    KDE was not free untill 2000 (Qt was not under GPL) [But that point does not hold anymore — It is good that now we have two free (infact many more than 2) desktops]

    Why Gnome rulz ?

    KDE was started for comfort while Gnome for Freedom [It no more matters though, but we should have an idea of the history ]

    See non-free libraries section in http://www.gnu.org/gnu/thegnuproject.html

  10. I like KDE over gnome as well. Overall KDE has a better history of stability , although there are good points to both. But alas, this is like beating a dead horse. To each his own, except gnome or kde both run better outta the box with Mepis then Ubuntu which lacks mp3 mpg and other codecs as well as tons of other essential features.

  11. ‘Comfort’ for me also includes the feeling that (a) I know a lot about what is happening on my computer (b) I can adjust a lot on my computer. KDE seems to offer me more than GNOME does – starting already in everyday apps like Konqueror and KMail. GNOME is a bit too patronizing for my personal taste.

  12. Actually IceWM with a rox-filer pinboard is incredibly fast, efficient and visually pleasing. Install the right libraries and run KDE, Gnome, any kind of app you like.

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