My friend Gopal V joined Yahoo! today. Welcome to the gang, Gopal! :)

Gopal V

Gopal spoke about Parrot and DotGNU at Linux Bangalore/2004. He is one of the major contributors to DotGNU. He is also the admin of DotGNU. He is a true blue hacker and knows so much about VM and compiler internals stuff that he positively scares me ;)

3 thoughts on “Gopal

  1. Noorul: Yes, I know but I am incapable when it comes to paint tools, I have been unsuccessful at doing touchups of photos using GIMP. The only other option is to use something like Picasa on Windows, I guess.

  2. I tried enhacing colors in Picasa but it does not help. Gamma correction using paint tool like PaintShopPro and IrfanView worked. Probably some setting in your digital camera needs to be corrected.

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