BangPypers meet on Saturday

If you live in Bangalore (or happen to be in Bangalore the day after tomorrow) and want to learn about the Python programming language, join us at the BangPypers meet on Saturday! Its going to be a fun day. What’s gonna happen? Here it is: What: Bangalore Python February Meetup Sessions: "Introduction to Python" byContinue reading “BangPypers meet on Saturday”

Ask for Answers

I seem to be on a string of Google and Yahoo related posts lately, so here’s continuing the trend… Yahoo was asked about who coined the phrase ‘to coin a phrase’ Google answers about how to whistle Amazing what we can learn on the web…

Wikipedia to get Googlified?

I got to know from the grapevine that Google has offered hosting for Wikimedia projects. See the discussion page for user views and add your own thoughts if you like. In case, you already didn’t know, Wikipedia is a free excellent community-driven encyclopedia. It isn’t surprising that Wikipedia has replaced most of my searches. IContinue reading “Wikipedia to get Googlified?”