It finally hit me why Mepis / Debian rocks

I switched to Mepis GNU/Linux on my office system today. Just one word – Beauuuu—ti—ful! I had earlier tried Mepis at home but had to switch back to Fedora Linux because of a stupid program provided by Sify Broadband, without which I cannot use the internet. Ironically, I just had to switch from Fedora becauseContinue reading “It finally hit me why Mepis / Debian rocks”

Ask Jeeves buys Bloglines?

The news is that Ask Jeeves has bought Bloglines. I just hope it doesn’t become yet another good service that is bought by a big company and then goes downhill… Update : Russell Beattie echoes my sentiments as well. Update : It’s official! : Excerpt: "We want to assure you that the Bloglines service willContinue reading “Ask Jeeves buys Bloglines?”