So why not a blog mela

I’m trying to play catch up with the blogosphere.. but it is difficult when I have 221 feeds in Bloglines. Actually, there were more but I’m trying to trim down my folders to a more manageable size.

I got bored of simply reading, so I decided to host my own blog mela :D, so here we go…


I think I better stop for tonight. Hopefully, I haven’t violated any blog mela norms.

7 thoughts on “So why not a blog mela

  1. I wish there was a warning at the door of Blogosphere.
    “Warning: Blogosphere can get very addictive. Enter only if you have tons of free time.”

    Btw, thanks for the plug to my entry. I do not like Blog Melas because they lead to addition of new blogs in my already huge (with 237 feeds) blogroll!


    P.S.: Spam Karma works great against comment spam. Have you tried it?

  2. JD: I wish I had seen such a warning too :lol:

    Regarding Spam Karma, yes, I was using it. One fine day, it suddenly stopped working. I tried changing every kind of setting but it simply died. One of these days, I am shifting to WP1.5, so until then, I’ve to stick with moderation (which btw, I’m not able to disable as well…!)

  3. I’m not sure we suggested the whole of Gnome and KDE should be rewritten in Python :) I think we concluded that there should be many opportunities for hackers to get involved, using their choice of language.

    Glad you liked the Aaron interview. He did a great job of joining in with the show.

  4. Hi Matthew, I _think_ ‘rewriting’ is what I heard but am not so sure now :) .. it would be good if KDE and GNOME made Python bindings an official part of the standard GNOME package, then we can automatically have more useful apps being written ; and yes, Aaron did a nice job of explaining the KDE community.

  5. Thanks for the link love !! I think you said it really well.. “Vignesh TRIES to explain…”. The keyword there being tries ;) Thanks dude !

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