Yahoo! Groups gets a facelift

I opened up Yahoo! Groups and I see that it has got a new look.

I really hate the choice of colors – light blue really doesn’t cut it for me – I can’t figure out how to change that in the settings. The ‘Management’ section for moderators is really useful. If it was already there in the old look, I haven’t noticed it before. The vitality alerts are interesting and the GMail-style snippets look of the groups is a nice touch.

Now, if only they did something to browse by threads like Google Groups conversations, that would be great.

Sidebar: Totally unrelated, but has anybody used FuseMail? The demo looks cool.

Update: I totally fail to understand one thing – why is the new and redesigned (emphasis on new) design of Yahoo! Groups not using XHTML?! They are still using HTML 4.0. Even MSN Search is XHTML Strict compliant!

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4 thoughts on “Yahoo! Groups gets a facelift

  1. The Yahoo Groups homepage is impressive with it clean design and good use of style sheets. I like the My Groups sidebar – gives you a sort of control panel to manage your groups! nice.

  2. Light blue is a universally neutral colour in that all other colours that exist are either offensive or have negative connotations in some religion, or culture.

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