Playing with Picasa

After recommendations in the comments of my previous posts, I used Picasa to brighten up the Ranga Shankara images (see previous post) using the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It works so well!

It even created collages for me:

Collage of the RangaShankara photos
Collage of the RangaShankara photos

That is so neat. I can’t understand why they’re giving away that thing for free!

4 thoughts on “Playing with Picasa

  1. Picasa is free maybe because Google has integrated this very nicely with through ‘hello’.

    Whatever the reasons, integrating such beautiful applications and making the package free is too good to be true.
    Lets see what Yahoo! does with flickr. My guess will add an API for in the near future. Any comments on flickr continuing support for blogger API ;-)

  2. Mahesh: I don’t see any reason for Flickr to stop supporting anything. If there are changes, it will be to open up for more people :) , I have seen many discussions and Yahoos like the idea of how Flickr ‘enables’ rather than restricts and they are likely to get more of that culture into other products as well.

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