Mysore Moments

Two weeks ago (Apr 9-10), I had been to Mysore with family.. I was going through the pictures and many of them have come out really well. I just had to note some of the memorable moments: ![9387789][Small][photo] ![9387930][Small][photo] ![9388108][Small][photo] ![9388370][Small][photo] ![9388476][Small][photo] ![9388742][Small][photo] ![9401685][Small][photo] ![9402985][Small][photo] ![9402134][Small][photo] ![9402595][Small][photo] ![9403512][Small][photo] ![9403709][Small][photo] ![9387363][Small][photo] ![9404130][Small][photo] There are a totalContinue reading “Mysore Moments”

The beat goes on

Yahoo’s First-Quarter Profit doubles! In the same announcement, you’ll notice this: In a bid for even more traffic, Yahoo plans to introduce a new digital music store later this year. In an interview Tuesday, Semel declined to provide details, but indicated it would include features that will compete with Apple Computer Inc.’s popular store, whichContinue reading “The beat goes on”

Zero Minus Ten

“Zero Minus Ten” is a James Bond novel written by Raymond Benson. The novel is a typical James-Bond story and I expected it to be one. Fancy gadgets from Q? Check. Talk to M? Check. Gorgeous women? Check. Trip round the world? Check. And so on, but the novel is interesting. A good book whenContinue reading “Zero Minus Ten”

Do you really need the MBA?

This one’s for all the I’ll-do-CompSci-then-MBA-and-become-a-manager-in-a-software-company types. From Eric Sink on “Geeks Rule and MBAs Drool”: The following is an example of one of the most common questions I get from developers who are creating a brand new software company: Where can I find a partner to be a co-founder and handle the business sideContinue reading “Do you really need the MBA?”