I was reading this article on Ten Reasons you're a software developer (via Vikram) and saw this sentence in point number 4: Software developers are artists, using crude tools to render images, text, and logic on electronic palettes that transcend aesthetic appeal. It reminded me of an old messenger conversation with Avinash: Me: We're artists. … Continue reading Sadists

Mysore Moments

Two weeks ago (Apr 9-10), I had been to Mysore with family.. I was going through the pictures and many of them have come out really well. I just had to note some of the memorable moments: ![9387789][Small][photo] ![9387930][Small][photo] ![9388108][Small][photo] ![9388370][Small][photo] ![9388476][Small][photo] ![9388742][Small][photo] ![9401685][Small][photo] ![9402985][Small][photo] ![9402134][Small][photo] ![9402595][Small][photo] ![9403512][Small][photo] ![9403709][Small][photo] ![9387363][Small][photo] ![9404130][Small][photo] There are a total … Continue reading Mysore Moments

Zero Minus Ten

"Zero Minus Ten" is a James Bond novel written by Raymond Benson. The novel is a typical James-Bond story and I expected it to be one. Fancy gadgets from Q? Check. Talk to M? Check. Gorgeous women? Check. Trip round the world? Check. And so on, but the novel is interesting. A good book when … Continue reading Zero Minus Ten