Need a Loan?

I’ve been bedridden since the past two days due to bad health. I’ve been struggling and swallowing lots of tablets. Then, I get a call on my mobile and I say Hello. He says “Mr. Swaroop, I’m from City Finance. Do you need a loan?”

Now, how the heck did he get hold of my mobile number and name!? … calls to my office line are not rare because these telemarketers just punch numbers in the yahoo range… Even if it was my bank, it was obvious how they would’ve got the details, but how did this City Finance guy get hold of my number? This is creepy.

7 thoughts on “Need a Loan?

  1. I think they buy databases from

    1) mobile companies or thier unscruplous employees

    2) Other organisations like some other loan company where you already took a loan /filled a form

    I think that banks are less likely to spill information

    But this is a problem everywhere in India these days with lax privacy laws

  2. Sorry for your bad health, hope you get well soon. and yeah re that telemarketing stuff, that is pretty bad…but still you know what.. my friend the other day called up a 197 kind of service [not 197 but ~] to get numbers of some PC sellers [he wanted a PC] and guess what, the whole day he was flooded with calls from PC vendors. Sir please buy our machine CRAP whole day !!!

    Wish there was a DND list in India :(.

  3. Ouch!

    I have been wondering why you are not blogging lately. I thought you got very busy with your pet project. Anyway, get well soon!

    And that City Finance guy…. I ask him to f*ck off!


  4. Sorry to hear about the health dude. Lots of people I know are sick.. some bloody virus doing the rounds I bet ! Anyhoo… yeah… I think most of them tele-marketers get numbers from some service that sells them.. I suspect the Citi that never sleeps though….

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