The beat goes on

Yahoo’s First-Quarter Profit doubles! In the same announcement, you’ll notice this:

In a bid for even more traffic, Yahoo plans to introduce a new digital music store later this year. In an interview Tuesday, Semel declined to provide details, but indicated it would include features that will compete with Apple Computer Inc.’s popular store, which allows consumers to download individual songs for 99 cents apiece.

“I hope it is even more popular,” than iTunes, Semel said. Yahoo plans to introduce the new music features in early summer.

I’ve seen the internal beta. It totally rocks! (pun intended).

4 thoughts on “The beat goes on

  1. If Yahoo! doubled its profits I would bet on Goog getting something more tomorrow.

    If I had the means and money I would have gone long on GOOG today.

    BTW is yahoo! comfortable with your blogging, I did suggest that you confirm as Goog isnt:(

  2. Vivek: Yeah, GOOG should be churning out some impressive numbers as well.

    Yes, Yahoo! is totally okay, in fact, encourage blogging. The yahoos “get it”.

  3. I think google results have sort of been disappointing , though it doubled its profit but being google it was expected to quadruple.

    I have a feeling that Yahoo is playing catch up with google by capilitising on its core > community

    A very good example of this is flickr, Though picassa is an excellent alternative for ACDSEE but Flickr is the real online counterpart.

    But Google has taken an insurmountable lead in Blogger, Search. The Maps and Local are widely appreciated. GMail is faster than Yahoo and search within mail also takes very less time.

    Overall if I was the financial advisor I would hold Yahoo! and Goog both as these companies would be lesser affected by a global slowdown. (comparatively insulated)

    @Swaroop do keep a server in mind, I would be there…


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