A policeman in the office

It was around 6 o’ clock in the evening. I’m in the office. I went near the printer to collect some printouts. In the nearby library section, I notice a policeman! Gathered around the table was also Raju (the Man Friday of Y! Blr) and three Americans visiting from the Sunnyvale office. The policeman was questioning them and was wielding his stick in an intimidating fashion. The policeman accused them of carrying drugs. I was shocked to hear the questions and could see the guys visibly shaken. I went back to my desk eventually but could see their talk went on for more than 15 minutes.

Suddenly, I see 20 yahoos surrounding the library and bursting out in laughter. It was a prank! Oh boy, the Yahoo! traditions that we have…. :D … I could see our CEO and a few managers and lots of other guys and gals involved. The expressions on those American faces were priceless. One of them said “Please come to the US sometime…”

Note to self: You’re an easy bakra. If a strange series of events happen at Y!, look out for Raju.

8 thoughts on “A policeman in the office

  1. I am surprised that you didn’t realize that it was a prank! I really am! After having been here for more than a year, it’s so un-yahoo like of you not to make out what was a repeat prank( remember the one on tej?)

  2. I think something similar was played a long time ago on Anand Ramani — his car (YTS) was stopped by some “policemen” in the middle of the night when he was leaving home. By the time Anand got out, the driver was missing :O and then they took out some “powder packets” from under the seat of the car.

    you can imagine what happened next :D

  3. @Avinash: Duh! I know. That’s why I said I’m an easy bakra. Anyway, I’m wiser now (hopefully).

    @Suraj: Didn’t know that one :)

  4. Brace urself 4 all Y! pranks,….u could be the nxt target, for all the exp. at Y!

  5. Yeah! right!!
    answer is: What??

    Ah! a joke is in the offing…

    An old couple had 20 children. Someone asked the old lady, “how come you have so many kids?”
    The old lady replied.. ” My husband used to ask me, before going to bed, ‘ you want to sleep or what?’. being a little deaf from an young age, I used to reply.. ‘What?’ and….

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