Anakin becomes Vader

Just returning from the first-day-first-show screening of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Great movie. Don’t miss it, especially if you know a bit about Star Wars :) Now, I have to get back to work… P.S: Don’t trust the Jedis

Popular Video Searches

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Popular Video Searches on Yahoo! : This is what you’ll see at It uses underneath and generates random picks from the top video searches for you. You can refresh the page to see different terms everytime. + Disclosure: I’m the engineer for Buzz and I workedContinue reading “Popular Video Searches”

Music Engine. Mojo Engine.

The Unofficial Yahoo Weblog has a neat post on the Yahoo! Music Engine. Apparently, it even provides a Unix-style shell to access your music! Did you know that the Yahoo! Music Engine (affectionately called YME) supports RSS playlists? Excerpt: This is extraordinary from Yahoo!’s viewpoint. To whatever extent things like this catch on, people willContinue reading “Music Engine. Mojo Engine.”

GMail is trying too hard

This is the first time ever that I’m seeing such a mailer daemon error: Mail Delivery Subsystem <> to me This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: fink-beginners @ Technical details of permanent failure: TEMP_FAILURE: Too many connections to Anybody else is facing this problem?

SQL and XML are not that different

About a year ago, I had presented my 8th semester presentation on Xen, now called C Omega. It is a language that combines SQL, XML and OOP into one tight language. The paper that proposed this language was named Programming with Circles, Triangles and Rectangles. The circle represents the encapsulation behavior of objects and OOP,Continue reading “SQL and XML are not that different”