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This is a sort of a deja vu thought but I’m going to write it anyway.

There seems to be quite a hunt for Python guys in India, especially Bangalore. Jace’s client Partecs is looking for people who want to work on Python, Zope, Plone, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, Ajax, Usability, Open Source, Affero GPL, Subversion, Blogs, Wikis, vCalendar, i18n, and l10n (yep, quite a mouthful).

Last I heard, even Pradeep was looking for people interested in Zope/Plone to join his team at Mindscape Computing.

And you really shouldn’t miss looking at the Ubuntu Community bounties – you could get paid for working on Python scripting interfaces for OpenOffice, Blender, AbiWord, Gnumeric, and GIMP. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you live if you want to work on these bounties :)

Damn, I wish these kind of things had happened when I was a student….

Not totally unrelated, I’d like to stress that Yahoo! Bangalore is looking for good people with MySQL knowledge.

Open Source pays. Truly.

Update on June 27, 2009 : 4 years after writing this entry, I still get questions regarding Python Jobs in India. I think the best places to start looking for them are, Bixee Python Job list and Official Python website’s Job Listings.

Update on July 21, 2011 : Also

16 thoughts on “Python Jobs

  1. I hope here in the Philippines will adopt Python as a primary programming language which MS dominates.

  2. I was googling for ‘python jobs’ and landed up here. :-) Dude, I got bored with working on Java and looking for a change.

  3. @Sridhar: You’re bound to get bored with one technology or the other some time, whether it’s Java or C++ or whatever. It only matters whether the work you do is interesting or not. Right? :-)

  4. If you choose to be that way (compromise over interesting work), then yes. But I do agree that interesting-work is the fundamental requirement for geeks.

  5. Hi ! I just Want to ask that What are the Opportunities in Python for a fresher ,and what is its future …
    specially in India.

  6. @Ashish: Two years after I wrote this, I think there is good opportunity for Python programmers, but not in the big companies. You’ll have to look for these opportunities. However, a fresher will have it tough because the small companies are more comfortable with someone who’s already had some professional experience, so that it reduces their risks.

  7. hi,
    i am looking for a job in python.I stay in mumbai having exp of 7 month in php.I am interested to work in python.
    ravi chandel

  8. hi ravi

    My company is always on the look out for python and php people.Send me your C.V. and ill inform when we have any openings.

    Location is bangalore.

  9. Well, im a python developer, proficient in web application, worked on django, i hv also developed multi module application in python , interacting with DB’s … ut currently , im stuggling to get the job in market worth my price …. Can u suggest something …. How shall i take open source project, coz im damm good, and im wasting my time without any work ……..

  10. hi,
    Is there any job in python in mumbai or pune i don’t have any experience in python.I stay in mumbai

  11. hi,
    are there any job for fresher in python if not than what should i do learn this langauge pls help any one.

  12. are there any one in this world who is recruiting fresher in python pls send any message yes or no so that i can decide what to do with my career pls helpppp any one out there

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