The Podcast experience

For the uninitiated, podcasting is like a radio show that you regularly subscribe to, the podcasting software that you use downloads the mp3s of the show for you so that you can listen to it whenever/wherever you like. The difference is that anybody can start a radio show and anybody can subscribe. That’s right, just […]

Book Tagged

Both Vignesh and JD have book-tagged me, so I am obliged to present to the world my choice of books… hmm… so here goes… Total number of books I own : Around 30 techie books and 10 general books. Most of the time, I borrow books from the Eloor Library, so I don’t own as […]

How do you attain self-discipline?

The five pillars of self-discipline are: Acceptance Will power Hard work Industry Persistence Pavlina is going to start a series of posts on ‘the meaning of life’ from the day after tomorrow. Also, those 5 pillars can be remembered as “A WHIP”. It sure helped me whip myself to shape :) P.S. Rules for Survival.