23 thoughts on “Firefox has become cranky?

  1. It is working very good here. What I experienced is that most of firefox crashes are because of extensions, try upgrading your extension and also finding those extension how cannot update themself automatically. I saw that especially with extensions that add options to right click menu.

  2. shhhhhhh!! I’ve had the same problem for about a month now. Kind of embarassed to admit it to anyone else after all my harping about how great Firefox is and how IE is a piece of crap..
    Don’t blog about this, man! It hurts our reputations :P

  3. I have been using it since it was released. I dont see any issue so far!! Didn’t a fresh reinstall help?

  4. Hmm, even I have noticed a similar behavior. After the update, the browser freezes when I keep it open for long time with out using it. It takes around 5 minutes (together with lot of refreshes) for it to come to life again

  5. I was under the impression these firefox crashes are only on FreeBSD!! and was trying to live with it.

    BTW, how compatible is the flash plugin for firefox1.0.4 on FreeBSD.

    Celebrating Life…

  6. I have also been observing crashes after upgrading to 1.0.4 on Win XP Pro. Mostly when I am accessing websites having Java Applets and are more IE friendly.

  7. Disable the adblock extensions and then try using it. I think that is what is causing FF to crash on sites using tons of flash

  8. @_: Woah! that’s a lot of ayes and nays :)

    I have zero Firefox extensions installed and generally do not visit any Java-based sites either. What I’ve noticed is that it still works great on Windows but I seem to experience the problems on *nix systems.

    @Manish: I have DeerPark on my Mac and that works pretty well, although I don’t use it as much since I have Safari :)

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  10. Hmm…not here..

    Don’t blog about this, man! It hurts our reputations
    Now that is stupid…if it is ok to blog about its ‘+ point’ it is probably also ok to blog about its ‘- points’!

  11. @ankit: I was kidding. I thought it was painfully obvious but just to make sure all of god’s creatures understood that I was being funny, I ended my sentence with this emoticon -> :-P

  12. The 2 issues i found are
    1> It sleeps if we are not using it
    2> if the default homepage loading crash
    firefox wont be launched, though it is loaded to memory.

  13. Howdy!
    I’ve been trying to load applets with Firefox with no sucess. As I was reading through this forum I noticed some of you guys have experienced the same problem.
    Has anyone found the cure for that? thx in advance

  14. Ooops! I guess I’ve just found the way to make an applet run on both IE and FF. Here it goes some example using


    Using “applet” yyyy

    It works fine!
    Good programming,

  15. Sorry I forgot to comment it out so that can be displayed on this page.


    ” Using “applet” yyyy

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