TWiki must be one of the most underestimated tools out there. We use it quite extensively at Yahoo!.

What is TWiki? Officially, it is a “Enterprise Collaboration Platform” (yawn). What that means is that it is a wiki software that is meant to be used for intranet information.

I’ve used it minimally so far mainly because it looks ugly, but I see that the official latest version has improved by leaps and bounds. I have started to use it quite extensively.

Some of the things I like:

There’s a presentation that gives a good introduction to TWiki.

Aside: I wonder what tools other companies/organizations use.

11 thoughts on “UnderestimatedTwiki

  1. Bleah – forget the marketing-ese. Drop in at the Microsoft office in Blr sometime and check it out. Also – check out its integration with Office.

  2. .. MS Sharepoint costs USD$30,000 last time I checked late last year at their web site. Sure, if you work in Microsoft it probably doesn’t cost you anything.

    For my workplace I setup MoinMoin for the wiki. It’s Python based and open source.

    I also set up Bugzilla. It’s Perl but it’s an old Open Source project that well supported by the Mozilla foundation.

    I have little free time at work but I’m developing a Plone based CMS.

  3. $30,000 for Sharepoint? Hmm…what you neglected to mention is that is the upper end where you open it up for non-employees,etc. So if you have a company that ha 1000s of employees (like MS or Yahoo),it will cost you $4000. I don’t think you should have an issue with that kind of cost. This is of course keeping in mind that Sharepoint plugs into Outlook,Word,Powerpoint and your ACLs – so you can save and edit files directly to the website from inside Office as well as chat with other users of the doc,blah,blah.

    If you’re a smaller company (let’s say 5-10 people),it shouldn’t be costing you more than 500-600$. Which I think is fairly reasonable. Not free – but reasonable (considering support,blah).

    Btw,I got all this from http://www.microsoft.com/office/sharepoint/howtobuy/default.mspx

    And before you tell me that only MS uses it, check out http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/2004/11/09.html#a8599.

  4. OK, say you’re only using Sharepoint for internal usage.

    For 1000 employees, isn’t that:
    1 x SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Server License
    1000 x SharePoint Portal Server 2003 CAL

    –> $3999 + (1000 x $71) = $74999

    In which case you may as well buy a “SharePoint Portal Server 2003 External Connector License”.

    Not to mention, the required SQL server licence fees, Windows Server 2003 license fees. And then to make full use of Sharepoint, MS Office fees.

  5. @Sriram, @Julian: Let’s just say that Sharepoint makes sense in a MS shop and that too a rich one, and Sharepoint is supposed to be a good product.

    @Pramod: Thanks for the info :) … TWiki seems to be very popular.

  6. I personally like Twiki, even though we use Sharepoint in my workplace. I have felt Sharepoint is a overkill for project team sizes that we have(say 3-4).

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