There’s an article in the Times of India today on the presence of the Y, A and G companies in Bangalore:

TOI article on YAG

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It’s nice to see the media showing that cool stuff does get done in Bangalore. As you can see, the Y! Bangalore R&D team is 400 strong now… that’s a population explosion considering we were only 80-90 when I started out. Aah, the good old days…

One thing to notice is that they have words from the CEO of Amazon Bangalore and from the CTO of Yahoo! Bangalore, but no one from Google Bangalore! Relatedly, I hear about people joining Yahoo! and about people joining Amazon – how come I never hear about people joining Google in Bangalore? Is something happening in Google at Bangalore at all?

Just discovered a new shortcut for the Dictionary in Mac OS X Tiger – Press Cmd-Ctrl-D and voila, it shows the meanings of the selected word in my browser!

Shortcut to see dictionary meanings

P.S. In case you are wondering, I’m reading the RSS feed for Sepia Mutiny.

Update: The shortcut works everywhere, not just the browser.

Update: Premshree has written a Greasemonkey script that does the same for you on Firefox, although I don’t know if it’s okay by OneLook’s TOS since it does site-scraping.

…. asks Vijayalaxmi in The Telegraph newspaper.


Unfortunately, figures on the number of women who blog in India are simply not available. But anecdotal evidence suggests that women write about personal or social issues, unlike men who focus on work-related issues. For instance, there are more chances of a male IT engineer running a tech blog than his female counterpart doing so. Says Swaroop C.H., a software engineer who works at Yahoo! Bangalore, and runs a tech blog (, “I don’t know of many tech blogs run by women. Neither do I know of women’s work blogs.

This is one of those things that nobody is willing to talk about, but something has to be done about it.

Jasmeen Patheja has started the Blank Noise project to address street harassment, commonly known as eve teasing.

More information is in this Deccan Herald article.

If you think eve teasing doesn’t happen and you want to turn a blind eye towards it, read about Hemangini’s experience in a train to Chennai, and think again.

(via Viju)

Update: I never knew eve teasing was an India-specific term.