10 thoughts on “Move over, Rails?

  1. hmm, i think i’m going to take a look. i’m spending a lot of time with zope/plone and it’s taking a while.

  2. Django first impression: looks neat.

    However, I prefer macro language like TAL for writing page templates. PythonPaste – http://pythonpaste.org does this. But, some how paste has not gained the same attention as Django. (del.icio.us/tag/python is overflowing with Django :)

    I’m going to give it a spin over next week.


  3. swaroop,
    i just wrote a post about my initial impression of django:

    i’ll give it a better run through at work.

    pradeep: i think pythonpaste needs to have some sites using it before people (like me) take it seriously. it needs to prove itself. django on the other hand is like a project which has come out of stealth mode, having been used on sites that have proven its scalability.

  4. One good thing rails has done is establish a series of good practices like
    * reliable and useful documentation
    * lower the barrier for entry by providing small yet complete tutorials so that the programmer can hit the ground running
    * establish an ecosystem for the project to grow – a wiki, screencasts, etc.. etc..
    * also, as Julian pointed out, showcasing an actual working site has helped Rails cement its position.

    I’m a zope/plone programmer; but i like the feel of MVC frameworks like rails (now Django) a LOT.
    Having looked at Django for more than 8 hours now, I’m very confident of it gaining popularity amongst Pythonistas in the coming days.

    Cheers to all the developers of Django :)

    BTW, has anybody checked out trimpath? Its a MVC framework developed using Javascript. Yeah!!

    The battle is heating up.

  5. Guess you have never even _tried_ TAL and METAL.
    They are the best way to seperate out present and logic. even though it takes some time to unlearn the nasty habits of mixing code and html.

    TAL and METAL allow developer and designer work together instead of getting in each others’ hair.

    Oh! BTW, if you thing TAL is specific to Python, sorry! you are under-informed. Even though TAL was created by the python guys(read zope corp), there is nothing specific to python.

    Take a look at PHPTAL -http://phptal.motion-twin.com/ which is available as a templating engine for DRUPAL, the darling of PHP crowd (which i use to maintain my website).

    So, your comment may be a bit premature :)

  6. I meant presentation not present in line 1 above.
    BTW, a page template created using TAL/METAL has to be valid xHTML, which has the *good* side effect of forcing the developer to be watchful about his standard compliance.
    After a while that becomes a second nature. really.

  7. @Pradeep: Good to know that Django is rockin’ :) Let’s talk more about it.

    @Julian: Bingo! The fact that Django was born out of a real working live system makes it appealing and more so _because_ it has been used on real sites.

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