Where are the Indian IT women bloggers?

…. asks Vijayalaxmi in The Telegraph newspaper.


Unfortunately, figures on the number of women who blog in India are simply not available. But anecdotal evidence suggests that women write about personal or social issues, unlike men who focus on work-related issues. For instance, there are more chances of a male IT engineer running a tech blog than his female counterpart doing so. Says Swaroop C.H., a software engineer who works at Yahoo! Bangalore, and runs a tech blog (http://swaroopch.info), “I don’t know of many tech blogs run by women. Neither do I know of women’s work blogs.

11 thoughts on “Where are the Indian IT women bloggers?

  1. And why should I care?

    I really don’t understand this whole women participation thing. I am tired of reading, ‘Why there are not many womein in corporate executes, Why not enough womein in corporate IT, why not enough women in ‘please-insert-your-favourite-industry/trend’? I mean who the f*** cares? Get a life!


  2. Sheesh, this whole thing about women, is becoming an industry for some folks, a conversation starter for some, a space filler for newbie journalists/writers who are not sure about how to get started. More than anything else it serves psuedos who want to appear progressive. Anyone who regularly frequents the blog world know that the female presence is substantial, esp in India. I can’t wait for Arundhati Roy to say something about this ;-)

  3. @Rams: Well, you’re at your sarcastic best.

    > Anyone who regularly frequents the blog world know that the female presence is substantial, esp in India

    Female presence is high, absolutely ; but not women-and-compsci kind of presence.

  4. Hmm..I think the problem lies in the fact that it took a longer time for IT/Comp.Sci to reach women in India than women in other countries. I suggest things should be fixed in a couple of years, maybe even sooner. Interestingly, I was reading the book, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” just before reading this post and the book seems to cover the same thing from a different perspective.
    To tell you the truth, women participation in IT discussion groups have improved, atleast from what I see around me. I guess it would take some more time before tech blogging wave acquires importance too.

  5. Why didnt I see this before?

    Tsk tsk, all this nonsense about gender is inane. There are people discussion things on blogs. Statistics dont matter. As long as you find the blog pleasing, it is great! For every man who blogs there are hundreds who dont. Shouldnt we start pondering on that meaningless statistic?

  6. hmmm… seem like I fall under the catagory of women that the article mentions – the ones who don’t blog about IT but “write about personal or social issues”… is that a bad thing?? lol

    Nice place here!

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