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There’s an article in the Times of India today on the presence of the Y, A and G companies in Bangalore:

TOI article on YAG

(Click on the image to view it in full size)

It’s nice to see the media showing that cool stuff does get done in Bangalore. As you can see, the Y! Bangalore R&D team is 400 strong now… that’s a population explosion considering we were only 80-90 when I started out. Aah, the good old days…

One thing to notice is that they have words from the CEO of Amazon Bangalore and from the CTO of Yahoo! Bangalore, but no one from Google Bangalore! Relatedly, I hear about people joining Yahoo! and about people joining Amazon – how come I never hear about people joining Google in Bangalore? Is something happening in Google at Bangalore at all?

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  1. There are fifteen people in Google Bangalore. This is after 2 years. Yes, they have functional HR. And Krishna Bharat is too high profile to give quotes in small-time newspapers; especially ones that make typos while introducing the G company.

    This article also forgot MSR Bangalore and Lucent.

  2. Nice article! But I wonder why such articles land up ‘undelibrately’ promoting Microsoft in a way.

    Instead of that boring mouse image at the centre, they could have had logos of the companies mentioned or maybe trimmed screenshots of the mentioned work in action!

  3. The last I heard , Google Bangalore is having tough time hiring ppl . I guess the hiring bar is way too high for ppl to cross..

  4. @Arnab, @Krishna, @Yashwanth: Well, after some (offline) discussions, that doesn’t sound odd since India produces only 20-odd PhDs per year who might be relevant to Google ;-).

    @Arnab: MS does research in Bangalore? I thought it was only in Hyderabad. Regarding Lucent, they have done cool stuff in the past but currently, what’s going on there?

    @Vig: Any more details? Would love to know more.

    @Ankit: I didn’t notice that until you said it.

  5. @Ankit: I didn’t notice that until you said it.

    Yeah! If my company was also featured in a news, I will focus more on the text rather than the irrelevant image. :-)

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