What about software patents in India?

The open source community is rejoicing ever since Europe rejected software patents … which leads me to the question, what’s the situation in India? I came across the following pages: ArsTechnica on “India rejects software patents” Stallman speaking at Government Model Engineering College CPI(M) on Patents So, India does not have software patents (as ofContinue reading “What about software patents in India?”

Italian Bytes of Python

The Italian translation of my book ‘A Byte of Python’ is now available online at http://www.gentoo.it/Programmazione/byteofpython. Thanks to Enrico Morelli and Massimo Lucci for volunteering this translation :) More info about them: Massimo Lucci and Enrico Morelli, we are working at the University of Florence (Italy) – Chemistry Department. I (Massimo) as service engineer andContinue reading “Italian Bytes of Python”