perl -c life

From the perl.perl6.language newsgroup: Dave Rolsky wrote: Hurry up and finish. I want to use this language, darnit! And yes, I know about pugs, obviously, but for production usage I need less of a moving target ;) Larry Wall wrote: Yes, Perl 6 is a moving target–but one of the most bothersome facts of life […]

Independence Day celebrations at Parikrma

This is a “photocast” of the Independence Day celebrations at the Parikrma Jayanagar school. ![34204132][Small][photo] ![34204357][Small][photo] ![34204444][Small][photo] ![34204589][Small][photo] ![34204768][Small][photo] ![34205021][Small][photo] ![34205084][Small][photo] ![34205461][Small][photo] ![34205999][Small][photo] ![34206492][Small][photo] ![34206578][Small][photo] ![34207206][Small][photo] For more, see this Flickr photo set.

Care to share… The Parikrma Way

There’s an article on Parikrma in The Hindu. My favorite Parikrma poster is about atoms. Atoms are recycled in this universe, as you probably know. Potentially, we could have atoms that once belonged to Einstein or Mozart. The Parikrma volunteers believe these underserved children have the same potential as well. P.S. Is it true that […]