14 thoughts on “My new time management strategy

  1. Heh. I find it very difficult to survive a day without a watch. It’s just that feeling of something being tied to your wrist that I have so gotten used to it. I think my watch serves other purposes better than just showing the time. It could be a perfect indication to someone that he is boring me to death, or I’m getting late for something else, my perennial habit of checking the time just for the heck of it .None of these reasons are , as obvious, remotely related to any time management. : )

  2. @Gavri, @Deepak: Bingo! That’s exactly what I realized.

    @Ankit: It’s only a coincidence that my watch’s battery stopped working.

    @Niara: Well, I’m not such a subtle man. If I’m bored with a person, it’s usually very apparent ;-).

    @Allagappan: You stopped wearing it just like that?

  3. Heh. I don’t own one. Im still trying to figure out how to get rid of the time display on my TaskBar though :)

  4. @Vig : As an experiment, I removed the time display in the top bar in my Powerbook. However, I have set it such that a voice tells me the time every hour on the hour. I also have alarms in iCal for any meetings. Basically, I don’t go after time, it comes after me.

    @Srikanth : I was. Isn’t it obvious now why I never managed time properly in college? ;)

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