A Bray-style statistics of the software used by the visitors of my blog:

  • Browsers

    • 38.89% use Firefox
    • 28.63% use Internet Explorer
    • 7.33% use Mozilla or Mozilla-compatible agents
    • 3.13% use Safari
    • Rest is miscellaneous and bots.
  • Operating System

    • 58.45% use Windows
    • 20.35% use unknown (!)
    • 13.64% use Linux
    • 6.53% use Macintosh (I guess, that’s mostly me)
    • 0.80% use FreeBSD
    • 0.19% use OpenBSD
    • 0.01% use EZweb Device (!)

Source: Statistics for the past week from “Hits Drilldown” in Urchin.

One of these days, I want to do a Aggregator breakdown, that’ll be fun.

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6 replies on “Statistics”

  1. Swaroop> “6.53% use Macintosh (I guess, that’s mostly me)”

    Statistics for Safari looks like:
    “3.13% use Safari”

    AFAIK you use only safari on your Mac, so you can claim that u contribute 50% of Mac trafic :-P

  2. hey! i use konqueror exclusively and i’m a regular visitor to your site (most of that 13.64% linux is me :)…
    so,why isn’t it showing up seperately ??

  3. @Philip: Actually, that’s 60+15+14+5 = 94 readers on Bloglines – WordPress serves out so many different feeds :-) . Unfortunately, Urchin isn’t intelligent about Bloglines or aggregators in general.

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