Y! Bangalore Showcase 2005

We had a “Y! Bangalore Showcase 2005” on Friday, August 5th, 2005.

It was an internal showcase where all the teams and groups have the chance to showcase their projects and interact and brainstorm ideas on how they can collaborate and use each others’ expertise.

For more than a week, our office had no walls, just posters everywhere, including the rest rooms. And there were some real corny but cool posters, like the DBA guys’ poster that said “Database Backend is the backbone and we are the lifeline” and the Multimedia Search team’s poster that said “If it’s not in our index, it does not exist.”

There were lots of contests and games going on, from quizzes to mazes of names where you had to pick out names of yahoos, to guess-the-ringtone contests. It was a whole fair going on. I spent most of the morning, explaining Buzz to a lot of people. I was finally able to go around and visit the other teams in the afternoon, and there were some real eyebrow-raising projects being showcased. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the cool stuff or the teams (but it’s fun being in the midst of it all, and getting to tell you about it much later when the cool stuff is thrown out to public), so I’ll just let some of the photos show off the enthu that we had that day.

Ajay boogieing Ajay boogieing
Eat the chocolate game Eat-the-chocolate-and-tag-your-partner-who-runs-next game during lunch
Guess-the-Ringtone Game Guess-the-Ringtone Game
Philip Tellis Giving Out Karma Philip Tellis giving Karma
Venkat wearing the Data Drome band Our CEO and guest wearing the Data Drome headband and having fun with the group.
Premshree, Gopal Premshree and Gopal
Data Applications Group won First Prize! Our group, the Data Applications Group, won the grand prize! We’ll be soon going for a team outing to blow the dough.
The Six Thinking Hats The Six Thinking Hats (Yeah, one’s missing)
Data Applications Group in a victory celebration Our Group celebrates.
The Yahoos The Yahoos
YEFI Poster The Yahoo! Employee Foundation India poster. I had taken that photo during our visit to Parikrma.
Employee Benefits Poster “Employee Benefits” poster
You Yahoo because we do You Yahoo because we do.

9 thoughts on “Y! Bangalore Showcase 2005

  1. Nice report!

    You have a knack of blogging without letting off confidential information ;-)

    I can’t see my pics … I guess thats confidential :P

  2. Man Yahoo! is a great place to work it seems. I would love to work for Yahoo! someday.

  3. Hi Swaroop,

    Nice articles and collection..

    I landed at ur place from KDE Dev site.. great work guys.

    I am sure now whole scene in Bangalore-Open Source space has changed. Have seen gnome group, KDE guys, python @ Bangalore and other groups coming up.

    Great to know abt even Yahoo :) Never realized what u guys do and have real great team.

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