Getting off the chair

Over 300 close family and friends in your home on one day + followed by Ramanagaram trek on Saturday + Savandurga trek on Sunday => me happy





9 thoughts on “Getting off the chair

  1. Wow, dude.Great goin!! get thru with all the local places soon, and get started with international locations!!!All the Best

  2. Kewl…

    BTW since I just finished my Computer Exam last week, == is a conditional operator which means you are checking whether you are happy or not… Thought you would like to use = ! Of course I am talking about C++ since that is the only sophisticated computer language that I know off. Others may have different interpretions!

    Good images, what camera are you using?

  3. @Niara: Too bad you couldn’t make it to my home that day, but anyway, life happens.

    @Badri: LOL, thanks :-).

    @Ankit: To make it semantically correct, even if I change it to just `=`, it would still be semantically incorrect, since you can’t assign to an rvalue and I would have to exchange the two sides of the equation. So, I’ll change the == to => ;-).

    Also, I have a [Konica Minolta Dimage Xg]( camera.

    @JD: I don’t even read blogs these days, except when I’m really frustrated or bored.

  4. > The first two photos are the best! Whose idea was it?

    Yeah! The rock idea was cool and looks natural barring the person standing on the left… she looks calm which slightly nullifies Swaroop’s and the guy’s (below the rock) emotions

  5. Hey, I know I’m late with this comment, but just wanted to say, I’ve been to Savandurga once…it was awesome.Great place, right?
    Nice pics too :)

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