6 thoughts on “Any webdevs interested to work for Yahoo?

  1. hey swaroop,
    i wonder if you could comment on the use of php at yahoo!.
    i guess its main popularity came from the simple mental shift from html code.
    i know a lot of large companies firmly back php (ibm, php, etc.. see latest php conference for more).

    .. but isn’t perl just a relic? more a case of it was there first.

    i understand also that yahoo! chose freebsd over linux way back when because at the time freebsd was more mature. that too can be argued to have changed.


  2. @Kalyan: LOL :-). I know how you feel, I’ve been debugging PHP/Perl/Apache stuff lately!

    @Sridhar: There are many contractors working in Y!

    @Julian: Perl is definitely not a relic. Let me put it this way… Perl is the heartbeat of Y! that keeps it ticking.

    Yes, you’re right about the choices of Perl and FreeBSD have been made a long time ago, and yes, the situation has changed. I don’t think the choice is going to change any time soon, because there are no significant benefits in switching to other platforms – that’s a long story.

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