Will the real IIPM please stand up?

Gaurav Sabnis has got a legal threat from IIPM for blogging negatively about the IIPM institute. Details at DesiPundit.

I really wonder about the credibility of this institute. How can they teach management to students when they themselves don’t know how to manage criticism?

Similarly, Mediaah was shut down 7 months ago, because of a threat by the Times of India.

This is truly sad. These organizations would rather silence the people who are giving constructive criticisms rather than respond in a constructive manner.

Anyway, I’ve finally convinced my Dad to switch from Times of India to Deccan Herald. Hopefully, I’ll be soon reading real news rather than just captions accompanying photos of celebrities.

Update : According to Technorati, IIPM is right now the most popular searched phrase. Looks like IIPM is getting a lot of backlash from the Indian blogosphere and subsequently, the bigger blogospheres.

Update 2 : Patrix is working furiously to keep everyone updated on this issue.

19 thoughts on “Will the real IIPM please stand up?

  1. Didn’t know that Mediaah was shut down – I am quite surprised. Does the TOI have jurisdiction over sites hosted outside india like blogger ? I guess they found out the id of the guy behind the site and he got a notice served on him in India. I wonder how effective the extra payment that some registrars demand for anonymous DN registration is ?

  2. good choice ಕಣೋ!
    ಆ ಹಾಳಾದ ಪೇಪರà³? ನೋಡಿದà³?ರೆ ಮೈಯà³?ಯೆಲà³?ಲಾ ಉರಿಯà³?ತà³?ತೆ…

  3. >I really wonder about the credibility of this institute.
    I agree totally. From the tacky ads to their pompous claims, looks like a very weird institution, to say the least.

    >I’ve finally convinced my Dad to switch from Times of India to Deccan Herald.
    Ah, sanity :)

  4. @Rams : I wonder whether their threat would be validated in court at all. However, most people (including me) would just not want to be involved in such things.

    @Pradeep : Yes, still waiting for the newspaper to be changed :-)

    @Pramod : :-)

  5. @Ganesh: We used to get The Hindu for many years before switching to TOI (when it used to be sober). We switched because the Bangalore edition of The Hindu was too Chennai-centric.

    Very interesting, Looks like IIPM have a lot to hide.

    Btw, there is supposed to be an [NDTV story on this](http://alaphia.blogspot.com/) in the ‘Mumbai Live’ segment.

  6. Hey, I fully agree that TOI sucks, but I am still buying it for the Pune Times crossword and the Sports section.
    Also we must not forget that 90% of the media is biased in India. Also I am worried that Sabnis and Rashmi may end up as the bad guys coz they were the ones who “used” Internet.

    Anyways I read the Kannada comment, and oh saw the Chingy comment. Way too kool – typing English wasnt bad enough? !!!!

  7. The Times of India Sucks. Can’t say about IIPM though…dont know much.

    But whatever happpened to freedom of speech and expression [FOSAE]…and that a newspaper barred someone from FOSAE! – Disgusting

  8. IIPMite replies…

    i m a self proclaimed IIPM chamcha. Im also the one that the entire blogosphere is certainly most concerned about….Im an IIPM student.

    now the Mr. gaurav is revelling in his 15 minutes of fame.
    ive read enuf of this stuff…. funny how evry1 seems to be an expert on my college. declaring it a fraud and so on. yes, entry to my college is easier than a lot of other college… but does that nessecarily make iipm bad/fraud/rest of the bul*** .

    Infact im greatful it gave me a chance to pursue a worldclass MBA programme.(please there is no argument about course content and as far as faculties are concerned they are they same bunch that that teach at IIT,IIFT,FMS and IMI)plus how many B-schools students can boast to attended lectures from Kotler,Steven Covey,Joel Stein or Zig Zigler(to name a few) but i can.

    im not defending any action or criticising the right to free speech …. but yes irresponsible unckecked banter/lies/ can harm ppl(read students) more whom every1 seems to b concerned about.

    to end i will give u a true fact im a second year IIPM delhi student … who has been placed in an korean electronics major(read NO.1 consumer durables in india)
    with a CTC of 4.5L pa. through campus 2 weeks ago.and the placement season has just started. I leave for the the readers to judge about my college…… not that IIPM needs ne 1s aproval

  9. @IIPMite: Since you neither gave your real name or email address, you have no real credibility, so I choose not to reply to your comment.

  10. come on swaroop… u couldve done better.

    my email ID is with with blogsite so any reply u give on the blog is automatically on my email inbox.

    my real name… now u are getting personal.Coz ive seen enuf of this blog war getting nasty and personal….Im not here to be a part of it. i put myreply to show the real picture.

    but u know what ill give u a chance to find out my name.
    Ive be recruited by the NO.1 Korean Electronics major in India ….. so if u have intellect to guess the company and resources to get my name(Im a Bong)…ur welcome.

    but more than my name i wud prefered u to comment on what i wrote. and please i expect a more balanced reply from urside. dont dissapoint me Buddy….

  11. to iipmite…

    at least name the company?
    and how many others on an average net such offers?
    and how much higher do these offers go?
    because i’m a prospective iipmite…
    i really need to weigh it well before giving them the retention fee…
    give me an OBJECTIVE opinion.. are there other places i cud go to and be better off?

  12. These days MBA degree is availble in every ‘shop’ and the IIPM is just one of the other big ‘shops’.
    And all I want to say is – If you cant take criticism then -IIPM you better back off!
    Real men rule the world, pony tailed geeks and the fellows can sit n watch……..

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