Thrissur again

I was invited back to Thrissur to present a talk to engineering students. Since I didn’t want to give the same ol’ introductory Python talk at the same place, I decided to talk about TurboGears, since that’s been pretty much the only new thing I’ve had time to explore off late.

Talkin' TurboGears

I left in a train on Thursday afternoon, reached Thrissur on Friday morning, left again on Friday evening, and back in Bangalore on Saturday morning, and I had so much fun in-between all that.

I have a lot to write about this event and the various talks and demonstrations that were happening. However, Pramode has such a good writeup about Insignia ’05 that I didn’t feel the need to write about it myself.

Also, I don’t have any pictures from this event since I forgot my digicam when I was hurriedly packing to reach the railway station on time.

Note: I will be speaking on TurboGears at

2 thoughts on “Thrissur again

  1. If you are giving a talk on TG, it would be a good idea to also give a comparision of TG and Django in your presentation. Compare issues of using Kid in TG as opposed to built-in templates in Django, incompatibility with mod_python (Apache) in TG, lack of high traffic sites using TG (as opposed to quite a few using Django) etc. I am sure there will be lot of comparision questions at the end even if it is not part of the presentation.

    You could also compare ROR with TG, again on the templating. There are not much written on that.

  2. Yeah, and while you’re at it, can you compare TG with Trails, Mason, Struts (particularly comparing the templating with Tiles and JSP) and, of course, RIFE :)

    TurboGears is new enough that there’s plenty of room for talks that are just introductory and not comparative in nature. You’re probably right that there will be comparison questions, and I’m sure Swaroop would answer those as best he can.

    Really, though, the choice of web framework should have more to do with which API fits what you’re doing the best. Certain types of applications fit some frameworks better than others.

    TurboGears can run behind mod_apache using mpcp.

    The main issue with using Kid for templating is that your template file needs to be valid XML. The benefit, of course, is that you get syntactically valid output (and you also have templates that can be transformed in an automated manner and viewed in Firefox).

    CherryPy, I’ve gathered, has been used in some high volume applications, but it didn’t sound like those were public ones. With proper application design (avoiding server side state, using caching as appropriate), you should be able to put together a scalable, performant site in just about anything.

    Ultimately, comparisons degenerate to Ruby vs. Python and Emacs vs. Vi types of arguments. Those tools can all do their respective jobs. They do their jobs a bit differently, though, and it’s often just a matter of taste (and not technical correctness) that differentiates them.

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